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Grewal - October 21

This is my first pregnancy and i dont know what to pack in the bag for the Hospital. I have packed babies clothes and her blanket what else i do for her and myself. I am 39 weeks and waiting for my little ones arrival anixiouslly.


waiting100 - October 21

Hi - I am 38 weeks today with my second......I overpacked with my first. Bring slippers or a couple pair of warm socks--when you deliver your feet get cold--also nice to have slippers to walk around your room and to and from bathroom after babies arrival. If you dont want to wear the hospital gown the whole time (like I did)--bring a comfortbale night gown with easy b___b access if you plan to b___stfeed. Something to wear home - comfortable. Toothbrush, hairclips, lipgloss or chapstick, compact, brush, lotion -- you will want to freshen up a bit after baby comes--ecspecially the next day when you will probaby have visitors. Um, I think that is really it. Good Luck. Oh, I brought a comfortable pillow with my pillow case from home and I also brought a big blanket of my own. Had these both with me thru delivery and in my room.


jennifer_33106 - October 21

Also I have heard many women take along cosmetics for all the photo ops. I have also heard alot of women recommend bringing your own TP as the TP from the hospital feels like sand paper.


inuk-mama - October 21

They way I look at it is this. I bring whatever I would take with me on a weekend trip. Toothbrush, book, change of clothes, things of that nature. As for baby, I have never brought anything more than clothes and a blanket but this time I have packed my own diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, lotion, hat, and stuff like this. SInce last time we only brought one outfit and he messed that all up pretty good!


tish212 - October 21

yes I agree with these items..I have alo been given a new robe from my mil cuz she says ill prolly want one in the hosiptal...take ur regular over nite stay items..including as already stated makeup and hair products...and ur nightly comfort items...if u have a favorite pillow or comfy blanket... u want to be comfortable... I think the ladies that responded gave great advice...and covered pretty much everything.... congrats!


Grewal - October 21

Thanks to you all


corbin289 - October 21

Everything has pretty much been covered but one thing I didnt have the first time is comfortable undies. If you have a v____al you will want to wear the ice packs so good coverage undies was a must. They give you little fishnet ones but they wont stay up with the ice pack or pad in. Another thing is a water bottle if the hospital doesnt give you one. I was so thirsty the first few days after labor. I dont know if its the labor, the nursing or the hospital air is just really dry but I wanted to drink non stop! Good luck!!


Pipa - October 21

I might also bring a few snacks and vending machine change so that if you get the munchies you've got something that you like and don't have to wait on hospital food (as wonderful as it is! he he). Also, you might want to bring a boppy for b___stfeeding if you plan to use one. If you bring a pillow from home put a distinctive pillowcase on it or else it might get left behind or mistakenly taken by hospital staff for cleaning.


Happymommy - October 21

Good point Pipa--We lost a very expensive pillow at the hospital with our first baby:( Won't make that mistake again! Great list ladies--I just have one thing to add. I never did this but heard it and thought it was a good idea. Some people bring little goodies for the nurses--like a bag of M&M's or cookies or something.


Mrs.Steve - October 22

I was thinking of doing that, too. The key word here, is "thinking", LOL. I'm scheduled to be induced on Sunday and I haven't even packed my bag yet! I do everything last minute. Great idea about the pillow. I have to remember to put a distinctive pillowcase on it. My dd has a pink panther one that she doesn't use anymore. Maybe I'll use it. I bought all my little things at Target yesterday, like my toothpaste, bodywash, etc. I bought the little mini ones. I don't know why I bothered, but I bought a pretty gown to wear, though I know it may get ruined. I just remember with dd 8 years ago, I had so many people coming to visit and I felt as if I looked terrible in the hospital gown. I already felt dirty and out of sorts and so many people wanted to take pictures. I'm bringing my own undies, too. I hate those net underwear. I don't even know how they can call them underwear.


angeev - October 22

I was hearing so many different things from various sources. So I called my birthing center. They were happy to help and told me the needs vs. the 'if you want.' And since every hospital is different on what they provide, it might be hard to go by advice not specific to your hosp.


jessieb - October 23

Another thing to consider, I am bringing my boppy for b___stfeeding. Just wanted to mention that too. If you plan on b/f


aliciavr6 - October 23

I had my dd 4 months ago and here's what I needed: extra hanes undies (the hospital ones suck), socks, pj pants, going home outfit for baby, (i wore the same clothes I went there in), receiving blanket, I didn't even leave my room once (bled so much each time I got up) the entire stay, heavy duty overnight pads, then the reg stuff like hairbrush, makeup, toothbrush, etc.



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