Question About Belly After Giving Birth

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Jenn2 - April 12

I am pregnant with my first baby and I was wondering what your belly is like after you give birth? I know it takes a little time to get your belly back to normal size, but what does it actually look like after giving birth? Does it sag, look like a chubby belly, or just look like you are 5 months pregnant (this is assuming you started out a normal size pre-preg and did not gain a ton of weight)? I know this sounds like a silly question, but I really dont know what to expect.


Steph - April 12

You'll look sorta still pregnant. It's really kind of weird. Your belly will be very jelloyee and soft...I still wore maternity clothes for the first few weeks because it's more comftorable and you really don't care all that much what you look like!


MJM - April 12

It usually is just a little chubby but feels light bread dough. Mine went back down a week after I delivered my son. Everyone is different though. I gained 30+ pounds with him also


ash2 - April 12

i gained about 60 lbs. with my first one, and for the next couple of weeks it will feel like jello. it will probally never be the same though. i wore maternity clothes up untill my baby was about 4 weeks old. but i hardley never went out of the house.


Ciera.Danielle - April 22

After you give birth, can you get your stomach firm again? Or will it always be a little saggy?


ChannY - April 23

with my first, pre preg-124..ballooned up to 190..after i had her, say 5 hrs later, i weighed myself..i lost belly feeled all jelly typed. feel soo weird:| ..and than couple weeks later, *depends on how much you lose* your belly will still look like you're like only 4-5 months prego. it's creepy.


^lucy^ - April 23

make sure to get the postpartum belt so it holds ur tummy muscles firm and exercise once u feel u can do it after giving birth.. the faster u do it the faster ur tummy will return to normal shape :) i was told that by my mom and friends who have babies.. hope this will help us


sara b - April 23

You put on lots of water weight while pregnant and of course, the baby and placenta. What some women don't realize is that you put on lots of extra fat to feed the baby in case of famine. 13 months after giving birth I am still not back completely. I just have a "pouch" where extra fat was stored. Also I completely agree with the other comments about your stomach feeling like jello. Imagine filling up a balloon with water and then emptying it.... That's about what you get and it takes a little while to shrink back. Its all worth it though!!!! BEst wishes.



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