Question About Braxton Hicks Linked To Labor

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dee23 - June 6

this might be a postpardum question...but i dont think that thread is frequenced as much as this one. i just read on this website, that if you dont experience braxton hicks frequently, that your labor will be long and really more painful than if you do experience them. so seeing as im 34 weeks and havent once experienced a braxton hicks comtraction, is my labor going to be extreamly long and painful because of it? those who have had previous births...were they painful after not experiencing many bh's? did u have a smooth birth process after plenty of bh's? how does this rule work? not happy with my body if this is true!


Jenn2 - June 6

I dont have an answer to your question, but I have never heard anything about that. where did you get the info on that?


Alycia - June 6

I had TONS of BH, starting at 16 weeks. They were very frequently 6 times an hour (premature labor was ruled out). I had a 17 1/2 hour labor, and I pushed for 3 hours, so I would say they didn't make much difference.


Mandy1984 - June 6

everyone gets BH its just your lucky enough not to feel them lol, No its not true about having a bad labour. My partners mother had never heard of BH and she said she never felt any tightenigs and she had a really easy labour. With my 1st Pregnancy I spent 9 weeks in hospital due to a blood clot and so me and baby were constantly monitored, I was having the BH contactions all the time (as the machine picks up any uterine activity) but the majority of them I did not feel and only knew I was having them as the midwife said the machine was picking them up :)


ashley - June 6

I had them from 20 weeks on with my daughter and my labor was 20 hours and they had to give pitocin because I wasn't doing anything. The only theory I heard about Braxton hicks from my doctor is that if you get them early like I did you wont go past your due date. I didn't go past mine with baby #1 and have been getting them even earlier with this pregnancy. i am now 33 weeks and they come on quite frequently especially at night.


starr - June 6

I've never heard of BH being linked to labor like that.I don't ever remember feeling not even one Bh with my first two babies but with this one I get them all the time.I'm now 38w3d and I'm sure the pain will be just as equal as the other two births.Good Luck.


dee23 - June 6

thx for your replies, they have made me feel abit more at ease about the whole thing. heres the link to where i got my info...its this website were on at the moment: ....look under 'why do braxton hicks contractions occur?'


falafal0 - June 7

This is my fourth pregnancy and I've experienced braxton hicks with eac pregnancy, starting earlier and getting stronger with each one. I have very fast and quick labours, the last one just 45 mintues. I also know women who haven't experienced one BH and who aso have quick labours, under 6 hours. Every woman is different and I don't think there is a 'standard' we can ever go by. You'll just have to wait and see what hapens with you. Good luck...


angelbebe - June 7

I too had BH since like week 20 and my labor was like 24 hours. I don't think there is a link. My best friend had doesn't ever remember feeling any and her labor was smooth and normal. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Your body knows what it needs to do.



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