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MommyMeg07 - February 14

I'm planning and praying that I'll be able to br___tfeed my daughter. I went to go buy a br___tpump today, and my mother and aunt were with me. We were looking at all the different types and then my mother says, "Why do you even need a br___tpump? You only need one if you're going to be away from her a lot." I think her point is - hopefully, I can br___tfeed, but if I can't, why spend the money on the pump? If it ends up I can br___tfeed, I can always buy the pump before my maternity leave ends. Well, I told her that I was under the impression that all women who br___tfeed need a pump to relieve the fullness of their br___ts, but then her and my aunt both said that the more milk you pump (or baby eats) the more milk your body will produce, so it's better to just let your body get used to how much you need. Is this true? Do I need to get one right now regardless or should I wait until I know if I'll be able to br___tfeed? I would appreciated any info on this!!! What kind do y'all have that you like? Thanks to anyone who actually reads this whole thing!! ha ha


DDT - February 14

Hi! Well the reason why I bought a b___st pump is because I KNOW I don't want to be b___stfeeding all the time. I want my b/f to share the load and I want to be able to go out without having to "bare my b___bs." I bought the Avent Isis Manual Pump (about $100) and it comes in a compact bag with some bottles to. I've tested it out and it drew out my colostrum no problem..also very comfortable on my b___b...the real test will come when baby is here though.


MommyMeg07 - February 14

So is that the one you do with your hand? Like, you pump it yourself? I think I would be fine without having an electric one... everyone just seems to think electric is sooo much better


DDT - February 14

Yup you have to pump using her hand...very easy though. Electric ones are expensive..I couldn't bear to spend that much money on something I wouldn't be using for that long. I guess they are easier because you don't physically have to do anything. Maybe the extra monay is worth it....


HoneyB - February 14

I bought the same pump as DDT. I bought it because I will be returning to work at 4 months and I know I want to b___stfeed. Also it was on sale, so I figured I better grab it while I can save some money! I'm hoping the manual will be fine and I won't need to fork out the big dollars for the electric!


MommyMeg07 - February 14

that's encouraging - I'll only need mine for when I go back to work too.... so hopefully I can get by with the manual one as well.


Tammy276 - February 14

I bought the Dr.Browns manual pump this time.. I used the Avent Isis the first time and I loved it, just thought I would try a different one this time. Personally I wanted the pump right away because if you plan on being a way from your child for a period of time, you will need to pump before you go so someone can feed them a bottle while you are gone. Plus it will help your milk come in more so that you are able to pump and be a way for a period of produce on demand, so if you are only feeding your baby when they are hungry and need to be away, you will not be able to pump enough to feed them when you are gone. Plus it gives your DH a chance to feed the baby. I only BF for the first couple weeks and then I started pumping all the time and giving him bottles. It was more convinient for everyone.


sahmof3 - February 15

Your mom is right about letting your body regulate itself. If you pump for relief from fullness you should only pump a tiny bit... just enough to take the edge off, so that you don't start to overproduce... you might even be able to hand express enough to get relief in teh beginning. I have never been able to pump... I could b___stfeed just fine, but pumping never worked for me. I tried it with all three of my kids. I tried many types, too. I had a manual one and an electric one and I even borrowed a heavy-duty "milking machine" from the hospital (trust me, that's exactly what it is lol)... and if you can't get milk using one of those, nothing will do the trick ;-) Anyway, I found the manual one to be frustrating. My neck and back and arms hurt from trying to keep it positioned so it didn't lose suction, while pumping with the other hand. I never got any milk with my electric one, either, but at least it was a little easier on the neck and back! Do you have the option of borrowing one from your hospital first off to see how it goes? That way you can see what type you like before making your purchase. Well, good luck... I hope it all works out for you :-)


Kristin11 - February 15

I have been researching pumps and i plan on buying the medela double electric b___st pump. I am going back to work when he is eight weeks and this will give me the chance to pump several times a day at work quickly and store the b___st milk for him for later or for daycare the next day. I dont want my milk to dry up because i got to work. I also spoke to someone who said her insurance company paid for half of her pump because they considered it mobile medical equipment. I am going to call my insurance company and see what they say, hey its worth a shot.


danimarie - February 15

Kristin- my older sister works and she has the Medela Double b___st elec (she got the original Pump N they also have the Pump N Style advanced) and she LOVES it. She says it is a really good brand and you can pump in like 10 mins. I think I am getting the Medela Swing is only a single but has their newer technology and is still electric. If I was going back to work I would for sure get a double. Anyway- I am just getting one so that my dh can feed the baby and we can leave the baby with people.


sapi - February 15

what we are planning on doing is renting one from the hospital to see how the b___st feeding goes. If I'm successful then I plan on buying the medela one. otherwise if you buy it and then you cant b___st feed it's money out the door. Most hospitals rent them and you get all new attachments.


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

I have had 3 babies and b___stfeed all of them and I bought a b___stpump with my first just due to how engourged and sore my b___sts would become. I think it is a wise decision to get a b___stpump just in case your baby has trouble latching you can pump your b___sts to help increase the amount of milk you have maybe making it a little easier on your little peanut. I would talk to your dr or ask to speak to a b___stfeeding teacher (every hospital usually has 1 or 2). Good luck and take care



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