Question About Fundal Height Equalling Due Date

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dee23 - May 4

hi girls, quick question, how accurate are ultrasounds? at all three ultrasounds i have measured to be due between the 18th and 20th of july, but going to by period and first doctors app. i was due on the 14th. lately, over the past 2 months, i have been measuring my own fundal height, and each time i measure to be a week earlier exactly, making me at the moment 30 wks not 29 wks. that would make sence to me because that would make my due date to be the 13th of july, only one day before the first estimated due date of the 14th. so do i go by my last period and the day im sure i ovulated, or do i go by the ultrasounds which all three have measured to be only within 2 days of each other? cheers :)


Hi - May 4

I'd have to say in the beginning ultrasounds are very accurate.This pregnancy was planned i know the exact day of ovulation and the doctors nailed the date exactly.My fundal height has always been right on the mark.Even though i knew the date of ovulation I never told them i knew to see for myself how accurate they are .I've heard fundal height measurements can be off by 2 weeks either way.You may have ovulated later the month you became pregnant .Good Luck...


Jenn2 - May 4

If you are sure you ovulated on a certain day....I think you would have to go by that b/c that is the day the egg was fertilized. The doc's measurements and estimates are just that.....estimates. And even if you do go by your ovulation day....your baby could still come at the later dates. Unfortuately its hard to tell when our little ones are going to decide to come........It would be nice if we could just choose a day, and know that is when it will happen.


Emily - May 4

at my u/s I always measurred big. My 1st was supposed due the 18th instead of the 25th but was born the 1st of the next month. The baby will come when ready. But if you have good idea of when you o then I would go by then....



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