Question About Group B Strep

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waitngformyangel - October 24

i understand what it i looked it up. i just wanted to know about how the doctors test for it. what exactly do they do? and is it uncomfortable?


jenna32 - October 25

i just had it done a couple days ago, it was uncomfortable but thankfully my doctor wasn't like digging around in there very long. the swab she took from my bum was less uncomfortable then the one from the front


emfine99 - October 25

I just had mine done last week. Not uncomfortable at all. Doesn't hurt. All they do is swap the outer part of your v____a with a long q-tip looking thing and that's it!


emfine99 - October 25

oh and at my dr, they didn't take one from the behind..... some do, some don't, so I don't know how your dr will do it.


Cevvin - October 25

They took mine from around the opening of the v____a and a__s, didn't hurt me, just kinda tickled.


Mommy2Be - October 25

It's no big deal at all. They just take a q-tip thing and gently swab the outside of your v____a/a__s. It shouldn't hurt at all, if anything it might tickle. Its done in seconds. Good luck!


Buffi R. - October 25

At what point in the pregnancy do they normally do this test? I'm 31 weeks and don't remember having this done yet. Although it's my second pregancy. Could they have tested me for this in my first, and if I was negative, do they a__sume you'll always be negative or can this change from pregnancy to pregnancy?


alirenee86 - October 25

Mommy2B is exactly right. Takes 2 seconds, tickles and is uncomfortable in that for for a couple seconds but almost like a quick pap. That's it. Usually done at 36 weeks. I'm 37 and had it done already I think a week, maybe 2 weeks ago. No, it was 36 weeks I'm pretty sure. They tell you by the next appt. if it looked fine or not.


Buffi R. - October 25

That would explain why I don't remember it from my first pregnancy either, because I delivered him at 32 weeks. Hoping to make it to 36 weeks this time. :-) thanks!


jenna32 - October 26

i think it is done somewhere between week 35-37, mine was done at around 35 and the pregnancy bible book, lol ( " what to expect when you are expecting") says it's usually in between those weeks.



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