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nik - June 29

im just about 30weeks preg, and a few weeks ago my br___ts began leaking colstrum (???). Its not a lot, but Ive kind of noticing it more. I think that this is normal, but what am I supposed to do about it. Do I leave it be and just let what comes out come out, or (sorry if too much info) do I sqeeze it out so it just doesnt randomly leak? I know thats the stuff that the baby needs right away, is there only so much of it, and because its leaking, I could run out? Or will my body keep producing it until the baby comes? Im just confused about all of it.


Steph - June 29

Totally normal. You won't run out of colostrum and your baby will have enough even if you are leaking, before your milk comes in. There's really nothing that you need to do about it. If your leaking through your bras and through your shirts, you may want to start wearing b___st pads, but other than that, there's not much you can do. And no, squeezing it out won't make it stop leaking either. :o)


haymay - June 29

I agree with Steph... I started leaking at about 20 wks, I would soak my shirts at night. Just get some b___st pads if you are leaking through your clothes, and you'll be fine when the baby comes. Your body keeps making it, you won't run out. Actually squeezing it out might make it worse, as your body runs on supply and demand...if you squeeze it out, your body things the supply is greater, and will make more, which could make your leaking worse.


haymay - June 29

your body thinks, not things, oops


Mingill - June 29

It's normal, actually I hit 30 weeks this weekend, and I just started to leak. The most you can do, it just let your body do what it needs to do, and as haymay said, squeezing may make your body think it needs to make more. They sell little pads that go in your bra, so you don't leak through your clothes, just as steph and haymay have said. I've seen them sold pretty much wherever they sell baby bottles and feeding stuff in the drugstores or department stores.



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