Question About NST Testing

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Cerulean - November 16

When do they do these? Is it usually only after 40 weeks unless you have problems?


AmberNicole - November 16

I think they are only done if you have complications. I had one at 29 weeks because I was having contractions. They found they were 2-3 minutes apart.


sahmof3 - November 16

I had one at 40 weeks and another at 41 weeks. Finally went into labor at 41 weeks, 6 days!


AntsWife - November 16

I have one scheduled for this coming Wednesday, I'll be 38.4 weeks and then one scheduled the following week as well. My doctor does it as a matter of precaution that's all.


jessne - November 16

I started having mine at 34 weeks because I started to get high blood pressure. I'm 38 weeks and only have one more next week. There are lots of different reasons they do them!!


Buffi R. - November 16

I started having these at 32 weeks, but I'm a diabetic and I think that's why they started them so early. Also have a pre-term labor history so it might have been part of the testing to help determine if I'm in danger for that again. I guess I'm not sure how soon they're usually started if you're having a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.


curlygurly02 - November 17

I have had and will continue to have a NST every week until this baby comes. They started them at 30 weeks because I have anti-thyroid antibodies and other thyroid issues. Some women have them because of diabetes, pre-e, and previous pregnancy problems.


AngelinLuv - November 17

We had one at 36 weeks because we felt that the baby wasn't moving enough. It must've just been because he is engaged and ready to come out because he did fine once he woke up. We just have a lazy baby. There not a huge deal. I actually thought it was kind of fun because you get to hear the baby's heartbeat accelerate as he/she moves.



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