Question About Red Wine

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erin25 - October 20

Is it ok to have 1 1/2 glasses of red wine at 38 weeks 3 days?? I was just wondering because today is sweetest day and hubby and I were kinda going to do something special)))


jenna32 - October 20

whats waiting another week and a half? Well unless she is late. i think you will get various answers on this one, if you feel comfortable doing it and won't be freaking out about it, i would say half or one gla__s of wine might not hurt, i would have it with water and a meal though,,that's just me though. USUALLY ( not always) one gla__s seems to be ok but in a few cases a few babies have turned out not so good from it.


January - October 20

They say that wine in moderation is fine during pregnancy. Have fun.


corbin289 - October 20

With my first two my midwives told me in the last few weeks a LITTLE red wine is fine and feel free to have it. She suggested having a little to relax in the end. Like Jenna said everyone is going to tell you something different on this one.


jennifer_33106 - October 20

It all depends on who you ask and where you live. They know Alcohol harms a baby in utero but no one knows the specific amount. I know that in the UK I think it is, the doctors recommend a gla__s a day. Since no one knows exactly how much is safe I would suggest maybe subst_tuing with sparking grape juice or apple cider instead. That way you dont have to worry either way. GL!


LIN - October 20

Jenna, I'd like to see evidence of one single case where a baby was damaged from one gla__s of wine. You shouldn't spread such stories unless you know they're true (and can provide references). It would be absolutely impossible to determine the effects of a single gla__s of wine, given how large the background exposures of our every day lives are (smog, gas fumes, chemicals, preservatives, etc.).


emfine99 - October 21

The dr told me that drinking wine in moderation is fine during pregnancy. One gla__s isn't going to do anything. You just shouldn't be drinking a bottle a day or something like that! lol


jenna32 - October 21

i've read about a few cases, i haven't kept track or memorized links on the internet or articles anywhere, i can try to dig them up if you really care so much about it.To make it easier on me, you can even just google it.


jenna32 - October 21

i guess it just depends how cautious/worried you are about your baby, i haven't risked drinking anything since i found out i was for sure prg.


LIN - October 21

Yes, Jenna, I'd appreciate it very much if you could dig up the articles for me. As a scientist, I just don't believe that it's technically possible to single out the effects of one gla__s of wine. There are far too many factors to consider that would make it impossible to do so. I'd be interested to read how they try to show that.


LIN - October 21

By the way, it is quite arrogant of you to a__sume that you are more cautious or worried about the health of your child than are other women who have a gla__s of wine now and again. Perhaps a better adjective would be 'paranoid'.


LindaE - October 21

Yikes! Lets all be nice. I think one gla__s is fine but I haven't had any wine since I found out I was pregs. One gla__s just isn't enough!!! I can't wait to have a few. I have a bottle of champagne waiting for me!!!!! I am going to drink the whole bottle myself. After the baby is born of course.


inuk-mama - October 21

Enjoy your gla__s of wine erin! With all three of my pregnancies I have had a gla__s of wine or two during special occasions. Easter, birthdays, and such. My two kids are perfect and so far, no problems with this pregnancy (36 weeks) It is up to you so if you are comfortable with it, go nutz! :)


jennifer_33106 - October 21

This is just cause I was thiniking about inuk-mama thread on the "they" topic so I wanted to clarrify. One of the places where I have read that no ones knows the safe amount is w w w .


josie4 - October 21

One gla__s shouldn't hurt anything. I had a gla__s on my birthday when I was about 10 weeks along or so.


LIN - October 21

To be honest, Jennifer, you really shouldn't quote articles from sites like babycenter. Those articles are not written by people with any kind of scientific training and so are basically just opinion articles no better than what people claim on this forum. They provide absolutely no reference for their claim that "as little as one drink per day" can harm a child, and it wouldn't surprise me if such a claim was pulled write out of the author's b___t. Now I'm not saying people should go drinking every day, but if we're going to discuss the lower limit on what people can drink, we should be quoting reliable sources, such as peer-reviewed medical journal articles. As authoritative as baby center is and as good as it is for general baby advice, it is hardly a reliable scientific source presenting controlled studies.


jennifer_33106 - October 21

Lin, I never once said that one drink a day is going to harm a child. I said that NO ONE knows the amount that will. You are honestly confusing me because first you call someone out asking where they heard things then I put down one of hte many many sites I have seen this on and you try to discredit it. You are making no sense to be honest. My doctor thank you who has a PHD says the same exact thing. And in that article People with PHD's are quoted. Please can I ask, Is it ok to go smoke a cigarette since one probably wont hurt me or the child maybe even throw in some pot!? (that was said to make a point, not that I am.) What I am trying to say is NO ONE not you not a doctor not anyone knows how much is safe. Is one gla__s gonna hurt? Probably not. Is one cigarrette going to hurt? Probably not. But am I going to risk my child. Definantly not. I am not being rude so please dont take it that way but please stop trying to discredit everyone's opinion who differs from yours. :)



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