Question About Red Wine

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jennifer_33106 - October 21

Lin, I never once said that one drink a day is going to harm a child. I said that NO ONE knows the amount that will. You are honestly confusing me because first you call someone out asking where they heard things then I put down one of hte many many sites I have seen this on and you try to discredit it. You are making no sense to be honest. My doctor thank you who has a PHD says the same exact thing. And in that article People with PHD's are quoted. Please can I ask, Is it ok to go smoke a cigarette since one probably wont hurt me or the child maybe even throw in some pot!? (that was said to make a point, not that I am.) What I am trying to say is NO ONE not you not a doctor not anyone knows how much is safe. Is one gla__s gonna hurt? Probably not. Is one cigarrette going to hurt? Probably not. But am I going to risk my child. Definantly not. I am not being rude so please dont take it that way but please stop trying to discredit everyone's opinion who differs from yours. :)


jennifer_33106 - October 21

And if you would like a more reliable site then check out w w w .


jennifer_33106 - October 21

Again I hope you dont think I was being b___hy or rude. I was in no way calling you irresponsible or anything of that nature. I just wanna clarify that. :)


LIN - October 21

Jennifer, there's no need to get defensive. I never said that you said that or even tried to imply that you did. What I quoted above came from the link you provided, and the writers at babycenter gave no reference to where they got that information. My point was just regarding the reliability of such websites, and I was in no way trying to argue against something you said. By the way, yes, that second link is much better, though it only provides abstracts of studies that were ongoing in 1998 and not their published results. In addition, those studies were related to women who drink substantial quant_ties during pregnancy rather than the occasional drink. Yes, it is definitely well doc_mented that regular alcohol intake in substantial quant_ties can harm an unborn baby. What I was looking for information on was Jenna's claim that there are studies showing that a single drink has caused damage.


jennifer_33106 - October 21

Oh ok. haha I wasnt intending to sound defensive or anything and I am sorry if I came off that way. It seems that the farther I get in my pregnancy the more emotional I get. hahah I really wasnt trying to get b___hy I promise but sometimes haha I guess I do with out knowing it. :)


LIN - October 21

No worries. I wasn't trying to be b___hy either. I think it has more to do with the ambiguity of the written word than hormones. It's easy on forums to misinterpret what people are trying to say. We all do it now and again.


lmk - October 21

Actually, what would be interesting is to find some real studies done on alcohol taken during labor. After all, I would a__sume that the narcotic type pain relief given during labor is more potent than a gla__s of wine...and I've read that many women just feel 'drunk' from them, but still feel the pain of the contractions. Seems like a gla__s of wine would do the job just as well and be more pleasant than an IV.


jennifer_33106 - October 21

hahahaha Good Point IMK. Forget the epidural bring me a Long Island!!!


Stephanie_31 - October 22

Lin - You keep saying that you want a source that is reliable but you have not sited a source that has determined that it is not detrimental. You said yourself "There are far too many factors to consider that would make it impossible to do so". Why take the risk? I understand that there are many things in our environment that pose risk to our unborn children but most are things that we cannot avoid. Why subject your baby to something that you can avoid when the risks/benefits have not been clearly established? Jenna – I agree with your position and I do not see it as paranoid.


sahm2alaj - October 22

I had a gla__s of wine for Thanksgiving and champagne during my baby shower when i was pg with my son and it didn't have any effect on my pregnancy nor baby. It was only one gla__s each time and it was in celebration, not like i got drunk of it or anything.. just sleepy!!! :)


tish212 - October 22

wow this post sure did start some controversy huh? I would have to say I don't think any harm could come from a gla__s that late in pregnancy...I was told by my dr that the most important time for development is during the first 12 personally I wouldn't do it before then but I would think ur far enough along. I am saddened to see this caused such a stir among women...accusing eachother of being bad mothers or saying someone is worrying too much...I think we r ent_tled to our own opinions yes..but we should never say such harsh words towards others especially others in our exact situations... if u chose not to have a gla__s of wine or champagne good for u...if u chose to have one good for u as each is own... but I think we need to remember that saying harsh words towards eachother or implying that we r more or less of a parent because of something this minute is ridiculous.... lets all just agree to disagree.... :)


tracielee - October 22

wow, what a discussion. i wont read through everything, but just wanted to share that my doctor said it's fine to drink a gla__s (i'd probably just stick to one gla__s though) during pregnancy. it has a high natural iron count (red wine that is) and is actually healthy for you. it's such a small quant_ty that will not harm your baby. In moderation it is totally fine.


kaitlin - October 24

Lin, just to respond to your question to Jenna (or should I say, interrogation of Jenna). I live in Ontario (Canada) and absolutely everywhere I go lately (bathroom stalls at restaurants, subway posters, dr's office, etc.) they have ads from the Ministry of Health saying that you should not have even a single gla__s of alcohol during pregnancy because no one knows the results or how much would cause FAS. That being said, I think I have to agree with Jenna - just wait, Erin. Lin, as a "scientist", you should be aware that your argument is equally applicable in the reverse - which is what our Ministry of Health says. You don't know how much will cause FAS, so why not abstain completely? I really don't understand why you got on Jenna's back about what she said. All she said was that she was concerned, not that others aren't. Honestly, I find your comments in every single posting absolutely rude and uncalled for. And, frankly, ridiculous. You really need to give your head a little (or big) shake before posting such crazy comments. Jenna was posting an opinion, and you got on her back like some sort of nutbar. I hope my posting makes you understand how you made her feel. I am intentionally writing this in the same tone.


babyfever2006 - October 25

I completely agree with Kaitlin. Erin would not have asked if having a gla__s of wine was okay if she did not want to hear anyone's concerns or opinions. Jenna was simply expressing her feelings on the subject. I think that is the problem with people today. People are so worried about offending others instead of telling them how it is. Sorry us sensible people don't live in this world wearing rose colored gla__ses and igoring the true problems. You completely attacked Jenna as if she were being judgemental when she was only showing her concern. In your post to Jenna you stated "it would be absolutely impossible to determine the effects of a single gla__s of wine." Well, there you go! You answer the question right there because it would sound incredibly ignorant and stupid to finish that statement with "then go ahead and have a gla__s of wine since we don't really know!" "Just roll the dice, its only the life of a baby were talking about. I would like to know what you're thoughts are on smoking marijuana while you are pregnant. There is no evidence of direct affect on the baby with smoking marijuana so would you give people advice to feel free use marijuana during your pregnancy? You asked for peer-reviewed doc_mentation on the studies of the affect of alcohol but at the same time you have no idea what you're talking about yourself!! It doesn't take a scientist to figure out the simple concept that if it isn't good for the baby and there is some question as to whether it could do damage then just don't do it!!! Wow!! The liberal minded way of thinking of some people just really boggles my mind.



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