Question About Washing Baby S Clothes

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Cerulean - October 20

This may be a dumb question, but I am washing the baby's clothes right now and I bought the Dreft to wash them in, but when I put the clothes in the dryer, do I use a dryer sheet? Am I being overly cautious by worrying about this? =)


Happymommy - October 20

You don't need to worry, but I probably wouldn't use a dryer sheet b/c they may have perfumes that are irritant to baby's skin. Another tip: Dreft is quite expensive, I did use it at first with my first baby, but there is an ALL for baby that is just as gentle and smells really good, or you could use ALL free and clear. They both work just as well and are much cheaper! Good luck!


Cerulean - October 20

Thanks! I will try that ALL for baby next time. I bought this bottle of Dreft for $9.00 and it's TINY! That is crazy. =)


jessieb - October 20

I gotta tell you my funny story about this too, I own a laundromat. I was there washing my baby's clothes. I had bought some dreft too. I didn't know what to do about fabric softener! I asked a customer of mine! ahahah! She was a mom and told me to pa__s on the softener as well. I just felt silly that I didn't know it. I do laundry for a living now! ahahah!!


jennifer_33106 - October 20

Just thought Id say, They make Dreft Dryer Sheets. I saw them at walmart. I didnt know about the ALL though. :)


Brendansmom - October 20

I didn't use dryer sheets. I do use the ALL, I love love love the scent! You can also get the huge bottle of Dreft at Costco for the same price as the smaller one. I don't like how Dreft is unscented. Dh thinks I'm weird because I'm constantly sniffing the clothes as I fold them. I just love that baby smell.


micorazon - October 20

Hey Cer - I thought about that as I washed the first load without the dryer sheet but hated the way it made the fabrics feel...especially the hooded towels and things. So I went out and bought the sensitive skin dryer sheets that are supposed to be hypo-allergenic. They definitely softened up the fabrics but no scent or anything.


LIN - October 20

No, don't use a dryer sheet, because the chemicals may irritate your baby's skin. In all honesty, I wouldn't use Dreft either. It's way overpriced and has fragrance in it anyway. Just buy any other detergent for sensitive skin that's hypo-allergenic, like All Free Clear.


AntsWife - October 22

I use dreft too, but what I had been using on everyone else's clothes is a combo of washing soda and vinegar. The washing soda is a safe natural cleaner and brightener- and much less expensive than ordinary detergent. The white vinegar is also a safe natural softener. the smell of which goes away in the dryer unless of course you use too much. Just thought I'd throw some tips out there :-)


AntsWife - October 22

Oh- and I also usually throw in about two or three drops of essential oils for scent- lavender is my favorite although you can switch it up.


sahm2alaj - October 22

I used Dreft the 1st few washes, but once the bottle was done I switched over to Tide (which is what i use currently) and my son reacted just fine with the detergent change.


DaBonkElsMe - October 22

Yeah, i bought Dreft too, b/c I didn't know any better, and my DH threw in a dryer sheet with one load, even though i told him not too - they don't listen! But I didn't rewash that load, i am just hoping it'll be fine. When this bottle of Dreft is empty, I plan to just try our regular detergent, Tide, and see if he has any reaction, if not, I will be wash his clothes just like ours from that point on!!


Erins Mom - October 22

I washed my dd stuff with regular detergent from the beginning and there was never a problem. I plan on doing the same with this one unless he reacts to something...Dreft is too expensive for me!!



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