Question For December Mommies

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Jaime - November 3

Have any of you lost your mucus plug yet? I lost mine on Tuesday. Anyone know what happens next?


D - November 3

I don't know, I am a first time Mom due around Christmas, but I think it means delivery is close at hand.


Jaime - November 3

Congrats! I'm actually not due until 12/19 so I'm guessing this means that things are starting early?


Kayla - November 3

Wow... It just means your body is getting ready! Congrats... But don't worry, sometimes it still means a few weeks...I'm due 12/9 and no signs of anything, just lots of BH! Everytime I wipe I pray I'm on my way too, but no can do :)


klm - November 3

I've started to have minor spotting so I keep waiting to see the glob but nothing yet. I am due12/3. I'm with Kayla, I've never been so excited to find something when I go to the bathroom! I have started thinning but no dilation.


Jaime - November 3

With how often we have to go to the bathroom these days, it's nice to have something to at least look forward to. :o) I see the doctor tomorrow so I'll have to see if I've started thinning or dialating (sp?)


Morgan - November 3

I'm due 12/7 with my first and I've started to lose mine over the past week... sometimes its a little, sometimes its a lot and sometimes its nothing... but no blood... I think when you see the blood, that means it's time?? or close to it?? I'm not really sure.... I also feel A LOT of pressure down there, it hurts a lot, esp when I walk... I've been told that the baby is engaging... but I don't know the answer to that either......


Jaime - November 3

I would definately say that she has engaged with me. I have so much more pressure sitting and walking and I feel her moving alot lower than she used to. I used to feel her b___t up under my ribs and now it is below my belly b___ton.


Audrey - November 3

I am due 12/2, and have no signs of labor, maybe a few braxton hicks contractions here and there, u think it is possible i will go further along than my due date, this is my first baby.


Lesley - November 3

Jaime, I lost my mucus plug with my 1st bby in November and didn't give birth untill December.


Ca__sie - November 3

I'm due 12/10 and haven't had any signs yet... I think. I say, "I think" because there have been times when I've wondered if the discharge I saw was my mucus plug or not... but I've always attributed it to having had recent s_x. I don't remember discharge like that before, but I just didn't think I could lose my mucus plug so early. I have not had any pelvic exams yet (will on Nov. 15th) so I guess I'll find out for sure then. I'm sure I won't be so lucky though.


J - November 3

I am due dec. 7 and I don't think I have lost anything yet. What is like when you do lose it? I thought all that stuff happened at once.


Morgan - November 3

I had no idea what to expect, someone told me it looked like snot... not to be gross.. but i guess it kinda does


Gina - November 3

I have already had four kids and I only lost it with one. Ladies dont get too excited you might not ever see it...sorry. Hey Jamie, did you tell the doc you lost it? I had my son three days later, at that point I was 8 days late.


Jaime - November 4

Gina - I actually go to see my doc this afternoon so I just figured I would wait and tell him then since I'm still about 6 weeks from my due date. As for what it looks like, I guess snot would be accurate...I thought it was kind of like the discharge you get when you are ovulating only a LOT more of it.


Brooke - November 4

I'm due Dec. 5th. I know what you mean about wiping and looking. I'm so hoping to see something, even though it could mean nothing in terms of when she'll come. I'm only having crampiness every now and then. Trying to have s_x every day, but that's not too fun.....



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