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cd - January 7

if i had my baby 3 weeks ago, (she was 6 weeks premature) it was an uncomplicated va___al delivery, i didn't tear or need an episiotomy or stiches or anything, and i stopped bleeding 2 days ago, is it okay to have s_x? my doctor appt. for my post pregnancy check up isn't until jan. 19, and i don't want to wait that long! hubby and i are getting a little anxious, we had a very active s_x life throughout the pregnancy and never had any complications.(sorry if too much info.) so i was wondering anyone know if s_x now is okay? thanks :)


erin - January 7

My doctor always told me that the whole "six week wait" thing wasn't necessary. As long as we were both comfortable with it, we could start s_x when we wanted to. So I would go ahead and try it, just make sure there is open communication between you and your husband. Using a lubricant might also be helpful.


Emy - January 7

Can you call your doctor and ask. He might know a lot more about the details of what went on "down there" than you and could give you reasons for why you should or should not wait. As far as infection, etc. go it is definitely something I would want the opinion of a professional on before starting up again.


Lynn - January 7

Once you stop bleeding it is a signal that your cervix has closed up & gone back to normal & it is safe to have s_x after that. Good luck, I just had my six week checkup yesterday and the Dr. was surprised that we hadn't been having s_x. We did it for the first timr this morning & I must say, it was hard to enjoy it.. It was a bit painful.


Jennifer - January 8

Hi CD. Congrats on your baby, I had my baby 4 weeks ago and to answer your question It is okay. My husband and I started having s_x again after 3 weeks. I did have a tear and st_tches, but my Dr. said that when to have s_x again was up to me. He did tell me to wait at least a week though. S_x was a little uncomfortable but it wasn't painful. Just go slow and lubricate. It did wonders for my self esteem, knowing that my husband still desired me. It helped me begin to feel " normal" again. Good luck.


Chris - January 8

Hi, WHy was your baby premature? Did she have to stay in the hospital for a while? Any problems? How much did she weigh? Details please! I keep reading about preemies that are perfectly ok and I think it's so amazing. Medicine has really come along way.


Anne - January 8

Follow your doctor's advice. They didn't spend all that time in med school for nothing.


to cd - January 9

the #1 reason for asking you to wait 6 weeks post delivery, is to give your cervix time to close back up and reduce risk of infection. (what kind of infection, I'm not sure, just going by what doc says). #2 reason is this is an EXTREMELY easy time to become pregnant again. so if you don't want to be pregnant for 1 1/2 years straight, maybe use some good protection! good luck.


cd - January 9

i actually called my doctor, and he said that if i felt up to it, go ahead, so we did and it was fine :) to chris: my baby was 6 weeks early but they really didn't know why, i guess she was just ready to come out! i had been out christmas shopping all day, and walked around at a mall for like 3 hours, and a 3:30 am, my water broke for no reason, when i got to the hospital 45 min later, i was already 2 cm dialated, and about an hour and a half later, i was 6 cm dialated, 1 hour later, i was ready to push, and i pushed for 15 min. (like 8 times) and she came right out!!! it was like 4-4.5 hours total. the baby was a little bit jaundice so she had to stay in the nicu for 5 days but now she is great. she didn't need any help breathing or anything, and she came out screaming. sooo...yup she was perfectly okay, (except for the jaundice)!! i can't believe she will be 1 month old already, on the 16, but any way, thanks everyone for your advice...good luck to all.



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