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autumnsmommy - January 21

I was told you could give me some info on having a cerclage done. I was told at 18 weeks 5 days my cervix is thinning. They said it's at 3 but if it hits 2.5 or less they may have to st_tch the cervix closed. I'm totally freaked out! How is it done? Is it painful? Any tips on how to prepare for it? ... I also left a message for shoppingfortwo on the 2nd trimester board so I'm hoping someone can help me out! Any info would be great! Thank you!


goldfish - January 22

sorry for the late reply first of all. dont worry getting a cerclage is not at all painful. they give u a choice of being awake or sleeping thru the proceedure. i took sleep option. its a 40 mins procedure they put stich on ur cervix and allow u to go home the same day within two hrs. be positive and dont wrry at all. It indeed isnt painful. you will be asked not to eat anything the previous day after 8pm or so. 1 week bedrest after the proceedure. you will have mild bleeding after the proceedure will go after 1 to 2 weeks .Other than that you will be fine it wont be painful after the proceedure so dont worry. do let me know if you have any more questions . And yes dont worry .good luck


ShoppingForTwo - January 22

Wow Goldfish our cerclage experiences were so different. I couldn't eat anything after midnight the night before surgery, I didn't get the option to be put asleep, I asked but my doc said its not good for the baby or some c___p. I was so terrified to get a spinal lol, I hate needles! The procedure was no more than 5 minutes and my perinatologist was training a new doc on how to do it. Ummm I had to stay in recovery for about 5 hours then I was off work for 2 days after just hanging out at home with my feet up lol. My peri didn't see a need to alter my day to day routine and I can still have s_x! Yay! (Even though I won't (again) until 28 weeks) Oh yah, I spotted lightly for two days after the procedure and all is back to normal now. Was your an emergency goldfish or preventative? Your still on bedrest right?


autumnsmommy - January 22

WOW you're not kidding! It's funny how different the same situation can be for 2 different people. I'm going to speak with my dr. about the prevantaive so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I just can't lay around all the time with a mildly autistic 6 yr. old daughter. I'm just glad to hear that both of your situations weren't anything like I had thought. I'll have to let you know what my dr. says.


goldfish - January 22

you know what everytime I hear these two words(emergency or preventive cerclage ) i remind to ask the doc which one I have . However I think strongly that its preventive. Coz i was 13 weeks exact when I got it done and was 2.5cms . Last pregancy was lost coz of incompetent cervix. I havent been asked to be on bedrest but I still take every precaution and be on bed out of choice . I guess Iam little paraniod i guess and no s_x not that doc has hasnt asked me but i prefer it taht way. I go out once in a while and since iam doing my masters online bedrest isnt a big deal.Yes i dont drive so all of these things i do hasnt been told by my doc .But yes these things have helped me coz my cevix is now measuring 2.7 which is good . My peri was very happy about that. Also shopping I dont think the sleep option is bad for the baby at all. Coz i was concerned abt that too I remeber asking the doc a million times even before I lost consious that it will not harm my baby right he said nope .I dont think they would if it harmed the baby in anyway. I choose that option coz i hate to see those lights docs nurses etc working on me and talking some alien medical language.


ShoppingForTwo - January 24

Good luck Autumn'smommy, you should be fine. Yes, your next visit WILL be interesting :) Hey Goldfish, so your cervix was making changes at 13 weeks? What is the normal lenght that the cervix should be? 2.5 is shortening no? I'm glad its 2.7 now. My doc never gave me any measurements. He said he placed the cerclage before any changes occured. Hmmm, maybe I should have asked what the excat length was. Its ok to be paraniod, I am too. I'm happy not to be on bedrest. . . yet, hopefully I won't have to be either. I like to get up and go and work because time goes by SO much slower on bedrest. (I had to do it for a week with my last pregnancy) NOT to try to scare you Goldfish but my peri says going under does/might harm the baby. Putting me under wasn't even an option in his eyes. I was deathly afriad of the spinal tap so I asked him WHY he put women under for emergency c sections then and he said blah blah blah the baby is out within minutes blah blah. Who knows, every doc has their own opinions. I googled it and learning disabilities, and hyper activity disorders are some of the side effects to the baby that I saw. But who knows if that's even proven or if its a hypothesis. Luckily for me my peri didn't speak in any alien medical lingo hehe, we discussed the procedure so much before hand that I perfectly understood everything he was saying. He failed to tell me that he would be training another doc on cerclages during MY surgery! I was shocked! But there was already 7 people looking at my private so one more wasn't going to kill me. Are you taking 17p or just cerclage?



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