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Angie in MI - February 23

I read on another thread that you were having your membranes swept today. How did it go? I'm getting mine done at 37 weeks on Monday. Did it hurt? Is it working? Thanks


bump - February 23



To Angie in MI - February 25

I had it done and honestly is did hurt and was uncomfortable but within a few minutes of it being done I just felt a little sore. It lasted maybe 1-2 minutes and was over and I did bleed afterwards, not like period bleeding but just some spotting when I wiped for about 2-3 hours which they say is completly normal. As far as if it put me into labor, after I had this done I had contractions for about 3 hours and tons of back contractions and was told to walk, have intercourse and try an enema. I first started out walking for about an hour, then later on in the evening, the hubby and I had s_x and then after that I did an enema and no labor. Still had lots of back pain but woke up the next morning and realized that I had not felt the baby move since about 3 the afternoon before. So I called the doctor and they had me come in a do a stress test. The baby had a heart beat of about 130's but was not reactive and would not move and have peaks in his heart rate. So they did an ultrasound and checked his fluids which were good but then watched for movement and there still was none. So they sent me to the hospital for induction and pitocin was started about 3 pm. At this time, I was 3 cm and 50 % effaced but baby still had not dropped. After being on pitocin all day, they stopped it at midnight saying baby was tolerating really well and he had started moving and started having peaks in heart rate, so they decided that since I had not dialated anymore and baby had not dropped they would stop induction and start back in the morning. They gave me something to sleep and I couldn't and the next morning they said since the baby looked so good and I still had not changed, they would send me home and try an induction this next week. So I see midwife on Monday to set up an induction again for this week. If this second induction does not work, they will have to do a c section.


Angie in MI - February 26

Wow! Good luck to you. I hope that he decides to come on his own for you!


Linday - February 26

To Angie in MI- Thanks! I will post the progress. Let me know how it goes for you and if the stripping helps you along.


Angie in MI - February 26

I will, my appt is tomorrow! We'll see!


Lindsay - February 27

To Angie- How did it go? I went today also and they are going to set up another induction this weekend. I have to go back for another non stress test on Thursday and then see my midwife and we will set it up for Friday or Saturday. The midwife today was like well you may go into labor before then and I was thinking yeah right.... this baby is going to have to be made to come into this world but let me know how everything went for you.


Angie in MI - February 28

Hi Lindsay! My doc was sick yesterday so I ended up going this morning instead. Ouch it didn't feel too great! I was dilated 1 cm which she said was pretty good for someone who hadn't given birth before. I havn't felt much of anything. A little achy here and there but I was feeling that before I went in. No spotting yet either. I guess only time will tell! I have to have it done again next week if there are no results.


Lindsay - February 28

I think it varies from women to women but I don't think I would do it again because to me it was pretty uncomfortable. Keep me posted if you have any progress. I will post if something happens my way.



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