Question For Mommies Due Any Day

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N - October 11

If you leave the house for more than an hour at a time do you come home to 15 messages on your answering machine and every last one of them making a comment like "oh well maybe you're at the hospital having the baby now".. does that drive you nuts?


Lesley - October 11

Yes! Except it's not answering machine it's msn!


Julie - October 11

Oh my gosh people are driving me nuts! I had my son 4 days early this time I am 2 days away from my due date and people won't stop. My mom calls here 24/7 "Are you having any pains, anything going on?" People are driving me nuts. I feel like I can't even take a nap. My step-dad left a vm on my home phone, cell phone and husband phone "saying we were wondering if Ethan was with us yet". As if I'm not going to call them the moment I go into labor! I can't even go to the bathroom without being bothered!


Tonia - October 12

HA,HA,HA.HA! This just tickled me to death I thought I was the only one going through this. People in my family and friends calls several times a day "ARE YOU ALRIGHT", "ARE YOU HAVING CONTRACTIONS YET", "STILL NO BABY". It's driving me crazy to. I feel like they prolong my dd when they do that b/c I have to think about how long it's taking for my baby to come. Knowing that I'm ready to get this over with. I appreciate everyone concerns but can a pregnant woman get some rest so her mind can be at ease.


Julie - October 12

The thing that bothers me is they are all so interested now but when I after I have the baby and need some real help noone will be around. This happened with my son. The newness wore off and when I really need help they were all busy with their own lives.


Ashlie - October 12

I hear ya girls, and if its not leaving messages on my phone then its whenever I go somewhere and see someone I know they say "you still havent popped" ugh... Its if I not anxious enough to get this over with. And Julie I hear ya with that one too, with my first son people were calling and checking up 24/7 and when I was in the hospital it was like a family reunion ( I was the first grandchild to give birth) haha but then after that it was like they all fell off the face of the earth.


Julie - October 12

Once you come home and it gets really hard no sleep, etc. My phone will be silent. I remember so many sleepless nights and days that I just wanted to nap and noone came around.


Carol - October 12

I purposly told my parents that I was due about a week and a half after my actual due date just to avoid this.....


Rikki - October 12

I am a day overdue and I keep getting the twenty questions from everyone wanting to know about what i'm going to due about induction, what hospital, name, do you know how much it weighs, and so forth. I understand their concern, but when i leave the house, it is to get my mind off of it, not to be bothered with all the questions.


N - October 12

I am so glad it's not just my family and friends! I am six weeks away from having my second baby and it has started already! It always bothered me though because it was almost like everyone a__sumed that because I was due to have my baby, I had no life. The only place I could possibly be is the hospital. Well that and I am already so excited and waiting oh-so-patiently to have this baby that when people say things like that it makes it unbearable and I feel so much more impatient. I know they are just happy and excited and all that and they don't mean anything bad by it, I just can't wait and it's driving me mad!



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