Question For Mommies Who Live In Apartments

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Dia_ - June 5

Hi everyone! I have a quick question about apartments. I am 39 weeks tomorrow and I currently own my own home. DH is getting out of the military and going to work civil service in another state. For the first 3-6 months we plan on renting an apartment so we can get settled and take our time picking our next house. I am a first time mommy so this might be a silly question. Baby will be about 3 months old when we move and I am wondering if his crying will affect my neighbors? I mean, when he gets to the point of trying to sleep through the night and we want to do the CIO that wise? Part of me says screw the neighbors, but I remember what it was like when I used to live next to a constant drove me nuts!! Do you think the baby crying in the middle of the night will wake the neighbors? Should I be concerned or even care if it does? I know some babies can cry for hours with the CIO method. Any input or advice??? Thanks!!


Alycia - June 6

In army housing at our last post we were in a duplex with very thin walls (you know how housing is...). Our neighbors had a new baby, but we were never awakened by her at night. We could certainly hear her cry during the day, but it was never loud enough to keep us up when we were sleeping. She shared a bedroom with her 7-year old sister, however, and THAT little brat kept us up ALL the time with a karaoke machine. Who gives their kids that kind of stuff when they share thin walls with neighbors??! Anyway, don't worry about your neighbors. I understand your concerns, but there's not a lot you can do about it. They should understand that there's nothing you can do about the baby crying, and no one is to blame (unlike a LOUD older child).


Mingill - June 6

Hi Dia, My Dh and I will be moving into a new 2 bdroom apartment before baby gets here. I wouldn't worry about it. You can hear really loud music through the walls, but I'm sure baby's crying won't disturb your neighbors. Besides, it's not like you have a choice. Most of your neighbors should be understanding. If you are still worried, make sure baby's crib is not against a shared wall. That should help dull the cries.


K8 - June 6

hi, whats CIO?


Dia_ - June 6

Hi ladies! I really appreciate all your advice. I don't think I will try this method unless really needed and baby is close to 6 months. Hopefully we will be in a house by then! Thanks for all the help!! K8 - CIO is the "cry it out" method. Kind of like let them cry themselves to sleep. It is supposed to help them learn to sleep on their own.



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