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nanders - February 25

Hi there I'm a first time mum and feeling a little overwhelmed at all the baby products out there. What are some of your favorite brands for diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, and everything baby?. I would like to use more natural products, and have heard the burts bees baby stuff is good. I will be using disposable diapers though, I don't want the extra laundry and hassle of cloth, but do prefer things to be natural otherwise. I've also been told not to use any lotions or soaps or sunscreen until the baby is 6mnths!! What do I wash the baby in then?. What about dry skin?. Diaper rash?. As you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing and any input would be appreciated! Thanks!!!


Jadejewels - February 25

I always liked pampers the best for diapers. Both my two children would get blisters from huggies. Anothe rbrand that is exactly like Pampers brand but Almost half the price are Luvs Brand. For dry skin I have had more than one doctor tell me that Aquaphor is really good to use for the babies and can be used before six months. I'm not sure about anything by Burt's Bees as I have never tried any of their baby line but all their other stuff is pretty great so I'm sure that would be as well. Good Luck!!


iemc19 - February 25

Hi nanders - with my 1st child I used everything going!!! With my daughter - I went a bit greener and natural - she had really sensitive skin so we didn't really have much choice...I did use washable nappies but thats a personal preference...After starting of using nappy cream - and her reacting to it - and everything else - such as talc that clogged the skin, etc...we went back to basics and used nothing....I used cloth wipes and water for nappy cleaning - when out and about we did use wipes but a natural green brand ( I'm in the UK) ..No lotions, creams etc...Sometimes she reacted to the soap powder(clothes) - that mixed with what I had eaten etc could bring out a nappy rash...Then we used raw egg white!! Odd I know but after a nappy clean and airing we just spread a bit of egg white on her bum and let it dry in - it would give a natural coating that nothing penetrated - worked a charm every time....For bath times we used a natural product too - but not with every wash - babies don't really get dirty - unless they're sick over themselves etc...we just used plain water 50% of the time......We've gone on to do the same with our 3rd child and with our next child due in a month plan to do it again...Much cheaper too!! ;-) All the best...


Carly67 - February 25

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I am going out to Target today because they have a special offer on Pampers Swaddlers 156 ct size 1 or 2 for $28.00. As for sunscreen before 6 months, I have experience with that. When my second child was 3 Months we went on vacation to Virgina Beach and even though the baby was under cover all the time I put baby sunscreen on him. I called the company and they said they have to put that on the bottle because they do not want parents to lather their child up and sit them in the hot sun. I felt better that even though we had him undercover he was protected.


MJM - February 25

I loved Pampers Swaddlers, they are the best, they dont leak and are very soft, pampers natural on the wipes, however I didn't use wipes til my kids were about 1-2 months old. I always used a warm wash cloth. Johnson's baby bar is the best soap in the world. It doesn't dry baby out it rinses very easily, you can use it on the hair and it smells like a baby should. I never like the baby wash liquid. Playtex vent aire natural shape are the best, my kids never had gas.


moescrilla - February 25

Pampers swaddlers definately. Diaper rash cream - desitin worked great for my son, I'm trying beaudreux's b___t paste now, so I dont have allot of experience with that one. I like huggies wipes better than pampers, I dont remember exactly why, but they just worked better for me. I like huggies baby wash with shea b___ter. Although, when he was first born, I used the huggies wash cloths (the ones that are ready to use, you just get them wet and they lather up) His skin was very sensitive so I used the stuff with shea b___ter and it worked really good. I would put regular johnson and johnson baby lotion on him, and for a while I used that lotion that turns into a powder when you put it on. The bedtime lotion smells really good.


Kristin11 - February 26

Walmart brand white cloud diapers were the best with my daughter. I loved them. I also loved the Johnson and Johnson lavendar soothing milk baby wash and lotion. The smell was great too. lol i actually still buy the lotion for myself. As far as diaper rash, my daughter was sensitive to getting a rash so i kept her little bottom coated in vasoline with every change it helped protect her against the moisture. If the actually get a rash i used b___t paste, it was nice an thick and stayed on her hiney. You can use a suncreen that is a mild baby version as long as you dotn get it near thier eyes or mouth.


dot - February 26

Diapers - Pampers, wipes, Baby wetwipes(I dont know if thats a local/int brand) a good lotion to use if you want to go natural would be aquas cream fragrance free and the bonus is you can bath baby with this also - the raw egg does work a charm for already burned buns. I preffer to use fissan paste everyday (but as you will find out some very good always worked products just doenst seem to work on all rash types) a good one to try that also worked when the egg didnt want to was fragrance free vasoline and baby powder mixed equally (makes no sense but it worked!)


nanders - February 26

thanks for the input ladies!! I'll have to try a few different diaper brands before I choose one. I'm not wanting to use the johnson & johnson stuff, maybe I'll try the baby aveeno. Thanks!


Jmom - February 26

I use Pampers for wipes and diapers and johnson and Johnson body wash and cream. When ds has anything wrong on his bottom, we use A& D ointment.


Amanda janiak - February 27

32 weeks is the 8th month


starlight_94 - February 28

I like huggies the best, johnsons soaps and lotions, desitin cream, huggies wipes with aloe, disposable changing pads, NUK pacifiers!! NO baby powder b/c it can cause respritory problems if inhailed, Pampers diapers leaked, generic lotions were oily.


Carly67 - February 28

I was in Walmart today and they have their equate brand which compares to Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash and it has the exact same ingredients and costs 98 cents for the same 15 oz bottle that J& J has for $4.00. They also have a copy of the lavender bedtime wash. I have a huge amount of samples of Gerber Lavender wash about 50 bottles so I will have plenty of that but it is a good option for the same ingredients.


DownbutnotOUT - February 28

With my 3 children I used pampers and huggies, this baby I will be using pampers more (I find they hold the poop explosions in better and yes I mean explosions). I also highly recommend baby dove it's pedatrician recommended and I never had a problem with it, my kids luckily never had cradle cap. I used baby aveno for there skin and with all the diaper rash cream I have tried B___t B___ter is the best ever! I can't remember the sunscreen I used off hand but I didn't use it on any of the kids until they were 6 months, just had to keep them covered and out of the sun even undirect light as much as possible. For laundry my first son is extremly sensitive and sometimes breaks out in hives (allergic reaction) to any kind of laundry detergent. right now I use sunlight allergy free perfume free and gentle on skin and use about half the recommended amount. I washed the babies clothes just like I washed his (except babies clothes need to be washed in hot water) and my babies never devoloped a rash or anything. it helped because I wasnet forking out tons of money for downy snow and all the "special" detergant.


nanders - February 28

Thankyou so much for all your answers!!! It really will make shopping easier! I'm starting to get excited, and this is one less worry to stratch off my list! Thanks again!


flappergirl - March 1

can I pipe in with a question nanders?? You ladies did great with comparing things... how about the different type of diaper genie type tools? Is there a brand you like better? If so why?


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Flabbergirl I never used a diapergenie or anything similar, I don't like the idea of having alot of dirty diapers in any room. What I did is I would make a seperate garbage bag in the house and it was taken out every night or twice a day if needed. Now I live in a house I just line one of my big garbage bins outside with a bag and just throw in dirty diapers as needs be.



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