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Kar - February 8

Hi, I'm from Canada so I have no idea and was just wondering this. What does it cost you to have a baby in the states, and how long are you usually in the hospital? Again being from Canada we don't pay a cent and if all is well you are usually in the hospital only 24- 48 hours after baby is born.


crystal74 - February 8

i am from oregon and i have insurance through my work, so i am not sure how much it costs to have a baby if you didn't have insurance. i know my work pays for insurance which is like 350. a month and that'll cover my birth as long as i work up till i go into labor. which i plan. i will not have to pay out of pocket for it. insurance will cover it all. and if all goes well your usually in the hospital 24-48 hours. this is my first but my sister had 4 babies. so i've been through it all with her


Steph - February 8

I just had a baby in July and my OB was $2,800 for a v____al delivery. Out of pocket, I had to pay $850 for that and my $15 copays at each visit. I then had to pay out of pocket $780 for the hospital stay which was only 24 hours. The total hospital bill was about $1, altogether it was $4,700 and paid approximately $1,750.


candaceann1 - February 8

My c-section 7 years ago cost over $10,000. I paid $350 a month for insurance and had a $1500 deductible.


cjone - February 8

Mine will come up to around $5000 (before insurance) for v____al delivery and around $5000 for hospital stay. Since this is my first, I am still not sure how much I will have to pay out of pocket (excluding the actual premiums I pay for insurance and deductibles).


MB - February 8

I am english but now live in the states, i do not have insurance and it has cost me $3100 for doc to do all check ups and delivery, the hospital stay is seperate which you can pay up front for 48 hours stay $2350 or if you cant afford that you pay monthly after birth and thats when they bump up the price to at least $6000 for v____al delivery. All your scans & blood tests are seperate bills too.


sahmof3 - February 8

We have insurance and ended up paying a few hundred out-of-pocket. I had c-sections and weird things happened in all of them that made it more expensive (had a long labor and emergency c-section w the 1st, NICU baby w/ 2nd and went in and found out I had to be under general anesthesia for the 3rd).... anyway, they were b/w $14,000-$17,000.


sahmof3 - February 8

That's $14-17,000 EACH!


ShaunaLeigh - February 8

man i would never be able to afford to have a baby in the states, what happens if ur on welfare down there, how do you get billed that way?


Kar - February 8

HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! WOW THATS EXPENSIVE!! I have a great job here in Canada and so does my husband we would never be able to afford that. How can people afford to have kids there. Here in Canada we even get paid materity leave for 52 weeks. I'm so glad we don't pay a cent for any of that stuff from start to finish.


MB - February 8

Basically if you cant afford it you have to pay monthly, they cant refuse you health care or make you pay a set amount, after all lots of illegals come over and dont pay anything !!!


crystal74 - February 8

like i said before that my sister had 4 babies and she was on welfare the whole time and didn't have to pay a dime.


HEATHER - February 8

With this preg the prenatal, labor & delivery, hospital stay, baby care, and postnatal care is just a $10 copay. I paid it at my first appt and nothing else, not even for if I endup with a c-section. My last preg, I paid $250 to have my dd, but that was a different ins company.


Allypants0_1 - February 9

Damn, this makes me want to become Canadian. I go through DSHS. That's the department of social and health services. We get medical coupons that pay for everything involving the pregnancy. We also just signed up for WIC that give us "food checks" to help us out.



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