Question For Those Of You Who Have Used Dopplers

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stefkay - November 28

Hi, I am looking to purchase a doppler and am wondering what you all suggest brand-wise? I'd like something that is really sensitive and picks up the h/b as early as possible. I noticed that some say as early as 8 weeks (bellybeats) whereas others say 10-12 weeks (hi bebe). I'm not too worried about price right at the moment, just wanting to gather a list of different ones to check out. Thanks so much!


margie - November 28

hi stef!!! i am so happy to hear from you, i hope that you are back or will soon be back on the boards again soon :-) well, i purchased teh hi bebe and it worked great at first at around 10-12 weeks but then the fact that its cheap seemed to turn around on me because after using it for a few weeks it just turned into junk unfortunately--my bad luck because i have heard of other people having no problems with it--but all i got on mine was static after a while unfortunately--i then rented from belly beats and i LOVE theirs! i have the digital one where it shows the readout of the heartbeat and unlike the hi bebe which was never accurate with the digital readout for me, it shows the heartbeat speed great and its actually clearer sounding than my doctors office, i love it! it was totally worth the money for me, and as you know for anyone who has had previous pregnancy losses....are you checking for a new pregnancy or for future ones that your trying for? just being nosey ;-)


stefkay - November 28

oh, forgot to say that I thought that the bellbyeats ones looked really good. Kind of pricey, but like you said, having had losses, totally worth it. I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday so I'd like to get one soon. My next u/s is the 12th at 10w3d. I'm having an u/s every 2 weeks which is nice, although a bit nerve wracking :-S


margie - November 28

yes, the belly beats has worked really good for me and I really think at 9 weeks you should be able to get the hb without too much problem as long as your patient when searching your belly, even though im so close now i havent returned mine, i still use it occasionally when she has a quiet day, saves me from the panicked rush to L&D, can you believe I'm already 36 weeks! I am praying praying praying for you so much Stef, I will be lurking all around the boards to find you and check in on you, hang in there, you're almost to the second trimester this time!!! This must be farthest you have gotten isn't it? Keep faith!!! :-)


stefkay - November 28

Yep, by far the farthest :) Thank you for your support so much....all the girls I've met on these forums have been awesome and have helped me through many hard times. I'll keep you posted and Congrats on the delivery to come!!! I'm so excited! Wow, 4 weeks to go!!!!! :D


margie - November 28

oh and i also saw your post in the infant care section for the august moms and i checked out your ultrasound pic on fertility friend, that is so cute! you can see all the little parts...i remember this time around the most exciting ultrasound the first trimester was around 10 weeks and i could see her little paddle arms waving around, it was AMAZING since i never got to see any moving or anything the first time. You are going to be fascinated at the changes that will take place in the next 2 weeks at your next ultrasound. I hope someone else here answers about the doppler question? i guess at least im still bumping it up for you, lol.


stefkay - November 28

that's what I hear! I'm so excited (and scared) for the next one at 10 weeks :) here's praying that it is great again. Thanks for the help in bumping up, but I'm not getting much info here or on the 2nd tri board (none at all from there). I could swear there are more women who got dopplers, but maybe not? Ah well....I'll keep an eye out for you as you'll be delivering before you know it! YAY!


javidsgirl - November 29

stef i got Hi Babe Fetal Doppler and i could her my dd"s heartbeat at eight weeks with a full bladder. i have also heard bellybeat dopplers can detect as early as eight weeks with a full bladder as well


sfrog68 - November 29

I rented one from for $22 a month. Absolutely was WELL worth it. I never had any problems hearing my lo. I had lost 2 previous and it helped ease my mind to pick it up and hear her anytime I wanted.


kristi-77 - November 30

Stefkay, so glad you are back on here and I'm so glad things are going good for you!!!! I bought the one you buy at Baby R Us to hear the baby's heartbeat and it sucks. I can't hear his heartbeat but I can hear him moving around, which is rea__suring. Keep us all posted. Your in my prayers.


stefkay - December 1

Thank you girls! Yep, I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and have had 2 good ultrasounds. For some reason I'm really freaking out now more than I was before the first one (I have no idea why) I guess it is more real. I sooooo just want to get to 14 weeks or so. I went ahead and ordered a model from StorkRadio that works as early as 8 weeks. It was a bit pricey, but I'm going to switch to a less sensitive model after a month if all goes well! I did a lot of online research and heard nothing but good things about them. I was just so afraid to get a cheaper one and it not work then I'd FLIP OUT! lol....thanks again!


DDT - December 1

The cheap ones from Babies R Us are useless. Even in the 3rd tri I couldn't even find the h/b. I also bought a fairly expensive one through E-bay (about $80) which worked great. I could always find my lo's h/b and it read the h/r fine. It was a doppler made in Germany and very high tech.



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