Question For Women Who Dilate Allot Before Going Into Labor

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Jenn2 - June 11

I was just curious for those women who are dilated 2 to 4 cm before you actually know your in "real" you know when you are dilating, or is it a surprise to you when you go to your doctors appointment and he/she tells you? I am just curious b/c I have been a fingertip dilated for the last 10 days, and I am not feeling anything in the way of contractions/etc. For anyone who has not read my other posts....I am now overdue 40 weeks and 3 days.


ashley - June 11

Jen- you poor thing. When I was pregnant with my daughter I don't recall feeling anything in the way of dialating that I knew of. Perhaps some cramping (menstral type cramping) but I am not sure. When was your last appointment? You were only dialated a finger tip then?


Corrine321 - June 11

Jenn, I dont really think you know, unless the cramping is part of it? I was 2.5 cm for 2 weeks now im 3.5 - 4 cm dilated and that was from last wendesday.. I am 38 weeks and 6 days by the way! I hope everything goes faster for you! Good Luck!!


Dia_ - June 11

Hi Jenn2! I am 2 days from my due date and I am sure I will be going over :) I am also 4 cm dialated since my 39 weeks appointment. I get a lot of very sharp pains high in my v____a that are not really baby related (meaning he is not kicking or anything) and my doc said that is probably my cervix opening. I usually have the pains around the time I am crampy. But, I really don't have a clue if that is really dialation I feel or not! I know that at 37 weeks I was 2 cm...doc said to go home and have s_x! DH and I were only able to do it one time before my next appt. I was still 2 cm at 38 weeks. Then, we had s_x every other day until my 39 weeks appt and I was 4 cm then....maybe the s_x worked? HOWEVER - I am still not at all close to going into labor! So don't feel bad...many women don't dialate at all and once labor begins they are at 10cm within a few hours!!! Good luck!!!


melanie - June 11

Hi Jenn2. I am also 40wks 3 days was due on the 8th and still sitting here waiting. at my 37 wk appt I wasn't dialated at all, then 38 wks 1cm, 39 wks 2cm and now I am about a 3. I have felt normal and don't know when these changes took place but they have and I haven't felt anything. Has your Dr. said how much longer they are going to let you go?


Jenn2 - June 11

melanie- I did not realize there was someone else on here (besides mommie2b) with the same due date as me. Is this your first? My doctor has not mentioned how long he will let me go. As long as everything is checking out OK .....I dont think he will force induction. If the mother wants induction at this point....he will allow it, but he is 62 years old, and he told me he has learned that, in the absence of any emergency.....its allot better to let the womans body go into labor naturally b/c he has noticed that too often induction leads to an increase in c-sections and long labors that stall. Of course, if there is a medical urgency....this does not apply. I think I will give it till 42 weeks, and then if nothing....I may asked to be induced. Ahhhh!! the wait!


krista-lee - June 11

jenn, dont worry! i was dilated/effaced absolutley nothing, and went into labor. when i was admitted i was 1 cm, very little effacement


melanie - June 11

This is actually my fourth baby but third pregnancy. my last pregnancy was twins and my Dr and I are very surprised to see I have gone this far already. I have an appt tommorow to make sure water is fine and a non stress test and if everything checks out fine there, then I have my induction date for father's day. If they see something looking a little weird tommorow then they will just keep me and induce tommorow, which I am hoping for because last monday baby was already almost 9 lbs and I don't want her to get any bigger.I was inducedwith my first at 38 wks and was 8 and a half lbs and Thank God everything went smoothly and I didn't need a c-section so hopefully If I have to be induced again it will be like the first time around.



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