Question For Women Who Have Given Birth Vaginally

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treshala - February 19

Im is s_x after va___al delivery? physically i mean? Im just wondering will my b/f still be pleased s_xually...does the va-jay-jay return to its size over time or never? Sorry if to personal.


mahagen - February 19

S_x will be just like before but the first couple time will probably hurt you just a little. It will return back to it's size as you loose some of the baby weight. Pretty much things should go back to the way they are. The reason I say it will hurt is because you just had a child come out that end so sometimes you have to get cut and stiched up and sometimes not but regardless its kind of nerve recking trying to go at it again. Use lube. Hope that helps.


treshala - February 19

it did...ty :-) ive actually read alot of articles online about it and i feel more secure...i guess ill just have to see lol


fefer1 - February 19

I'm 17 months post baby - and things are fine! We didn't try for the first 6 weeks after, but when we did it was a bit uncomfortable for a while. Just a slight soreness upon "entry" and I was a lot drier for a while because of b___stfeeding. Like mahagen said, LUBE UP! :) I asked my dh if things felt different and he said nope, all is good!


AngelinLuv - February 19

I had a 9 and a half pound baby which resulted in a 2nd degree tear. We waited 7-8 weeks or so. When we finally did, hubby said it was like the first time all over again. It was a little uncomfy, just because I was so tight.


mahagen - February 20

Yes treshala I forgot to mention that after you have a baby, alot of women lose the natural lube their body would normally produce for a little while. Everyone is different so make sure to have lube available because my first 2 children it took over a year for my body to not be so dry but with my daughter it didn't take long at all to get back to normal but I still like to have some handy at all times. Angelinluv, I had a 7 lb baby my first 2 kids and it tore me too so I had to get stiched up. When I had s_x again it was uncomfortable and tight so while I was uncomfortable my husband was lovings it, LOL


0x0xAudreyx0x0 - February 20

hey im wondering about this too i just gave birth to my daughter 10 days ago and i was wondering when it is really safe to have s_x and how bad it will hurt... do you have to wait longer than six weeks after you have your check up?


mjvdec01 - February 20

You must watch Oprah. lol. I hada v____al delivery with my daughter who is now two and have never heard a single complaint from my hubby. it doesn't feel any different to me either. It must just depend on the woman. I can tell you what does change... bladder control. Be prepared to cross your legs before you sneeze or cough hard. at first you forget and wet yourself a little, then it becomes second nature and you don't even know you are doing it.


mahagen - February 20

OxoxAudrey, I can definitely tell you the doctor will advise you to wait 6 weeks and after your post partum check up, but I have heard of women who have s_x as soon as they stop bleeding which could be in 3 weeks or whatever. I do want to be honest with you and let you know that you will be a little more sensitive down there and you will want to take things slow and get back into the grove of things. I have had 3 kids and I'm on my last one but it took me with my last daughter 6-7 months to not be so sensitive and feel just a little discomfort in certain positions. My first 2 children I didn't have any problems after 6 weeks, but just nervous during the first time since I had to get stiches. Everyone is different and some people can jump right back into things and some it takes time. I hope that answers your question and then some :-)


0x0xAudreyx0x0 - February 21

mahagen== thanx lol i was just wondering.. im not ready yet lol i had to get stiches too.. thanx for ur responce


sarah21 - February 21

I am so nervous about the first time trying it again. We were virgins on our wedding night and I got about a half-inch tear from s_x so I am NOT looking forward to getting into the groove of things again. I guess I'll get h__y enough eventually to give it a go, lol. Boy it's great to have other women to be honest with.


HeavenisMine - February 21

I think it returns to normal after about a span of six weeks. We enjoy it mopre frankly, although we don't do it much, I asked him if it was bigger and he said "Nope just better." I wouldn't worry too much, it should go back to normal, your cervix will just feel a bit open.


SuperMom - March 17

Tiy will be a little sore for the first few months, but you'll be back to normal- no worries.


browneyes888 - March 18

lol, so many woman are worried about this... I know I was, I even had asked my doctor about it and believe it or not, she said it actually gets tighter after delivery.... I've had 2 kids, my youngest just turned a year on the 14th, I'm recently divorced so I started seeing someone new and he said to me when he was drunk the other night that he couldn't believe how tight I was for having 2 kids, (he's a bit honest when it comes to things, especially once drinking)...but you will still definately be able to please your partner...and the first few times as someone else said will prob. hurt a little bit, especially if you tore or had an episiotomy.. I still get a tugging feeling once in a while where I had my stiches.


shh120 - March 21

It goes back to normal but take it easy for the first few weeks.



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