Question On Effacing

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crystal74 - February 1

so my dr. said that my cervix is thinning out and she felt the baby's head, but i am not dialated. how can she feel the baby's head? or is that just a term they use? anyway's now what happens? if my cervix is thinning does this mean i will go into labor soon?


mamagoose - February 1

I think she meant that the baby's head is low enough that its putting pressure on the cervix. After my internal exam at 36 weeks, the doctor said she could feel the baby's head, but I have no dilation or effacement since then. I'm 40 weeks now with no baby in sight, so it definately wasn't an indication that labour was soon for me!


Tammy276 - February 1

it really means a whole lotta nothing :(......I was 3cm and 100% effaced at 36 weeks w/ my son and stayed that way until 39 weeks when I was induced....I am 32 weeks and my dr. did an internal on me (because I was having some bad contractions), and she said she could feel the head, but I was still closed and just means that baby is in the head down position and getting ready.


Sonrisa - February 2

I had the same question. The doctor said that the baby's head is in place. My cervix was closed at that appointment, but now I feel pressure into the cervix. I also feel like the baby at time puts his fingers there. It is the weirdest sensation.


crystal74 - February 2

darn tammy, i was really hoping this little guy was coming SOON. we'll see. so how is 100%effaced feel? are you having contractions and can you barely walk or what? cuz i'm still working and plan on working up till the due date unless it gets too uncomfortable for me


Tammy276 - February 2

I honestly didn't feel any different...I did quit working after that though just because I didn't want to go into labor at work!! I mean it got more uncomfortable as he moved down into my pelvis more, but that is just something that happens anyway later on in pregnancy...I don't think woman can tell the difference when they are dialted or effaced.



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