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Kelsey - October 29

I am due tomorrow. My boyfriend and I decided to just be friends instead of a couple. Anyways, he and his mother have decided they want the baby for Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect... Well I will be br___tfeeding, and I think the baby is too young to be staying with someone other then myself. Also they are expecting the baby to be staying the nights with them when she is just weeks old. Is there any law or restriction that prohibits that. I mean you can't let your newborn stay with someone other then the mother. geez..... I really do not feel comfertable with any of it. I am sick of the demands as well.


hi Kelsey - October 29

Then you need to say something. You are the parent and YOU will be b___stfeeding. If you are not invited how can the baby be invited. it's up to you to say what you don't like even more so now, because you are the voice of your baby. You would think as a mother the mother in law would understand your reservsations. I hope all works out well for you and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Oh and don't let them try to guilt you into doing something you don't feel comfortable with.


nicole - October 29

I had a friend in the same situation. It got pretty nasty. However the judge ruled that the baby had to stay soley with the mom as long as she was b___stfeeding or the age of one. They are being unreasonable and need to be put in their place. You may want to talk to a lawyer and get the facts before you talk to them that way you know your rights.


Lesley - October 29

Too right! Tell them where to go! If they want to spend special occasions with the baby then tell them they will have to go to your house (if that is possible). It's your baby. You need to stand your ground and don't be intimidated by them. There is no law (as far as i'm aware) that says you must let them see the baby, and there is no lw saying you musn't. Just be carefull cos they might also turn funy towards you.


Christy - October 29

I think it might be best to invite them over for the holidays at your family's home. It would be a nice gesture and it solves the issue of the baby getting fed since you will be there as well. As for staying overnight at their place without you, I think you will have to tell them that it has to wait until he can be bottle-fed. That probably won't be for AT LEAST 2-4 weeks, and depends on whether you can even express enough milk for an overnight stay at their home. Even then, I think it is too soon. If you have a pediatrician picked out, I'd ask him/her about it and if they can give you some literature to back up your position, that may help your cause. I would like to think that your ex and his mom would want what is best for this child. Let's hope they can put their egos aside to do the right thing. Good luck!


Christy - October 29

Kelsey- I forgot to ask if are you guys working things out through the family courts (e.g. child support, custody, etc) If you aren't, you should be. If you are, you may want to contact someone you've dealt with re: custody, etc, and ask them what the norm is in your circ_mstance.


Kelsey - October 29

I know I need to say something, but I am just keeping my mouth shut until I can talk to the social worker because I do not want to say something that they can "hold" against me or whatever. I finally told my mother what was going on, I didn't tell her in the first place becasue I didn't want her to worry and what not. She said that I should not worry becuause the court will not allow the baby to stay with them until at least the age of one. Which I am fine with the baby staying the night there when she is one, but not weeks, or a couple months old. So I guess I am waiting until monday so I can talk to the social worker and figure everything out..... I am not worried as much.



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