Questions About Weight Of Your Baby Around 32 Weeks

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Kel - July 28

I went to the Dr. today for my 32 weeks appt. and told hiim I was concerned with my size. Reason being is I keep getting told I'm so small for 8 months. Anyway, he measured my stomach and said it's on the low average for this stage in pregnancy. He then decided to perform an ultrasound just for reassurance. My baby turns out to be 4.6 Lbs which is in the 53rd percentile for this stage. Dr. says baby should be around 7 something at birth. Is this an average birth weight


miranda - July 28

Absolutely! Anything between 5 and 9 lbs is perfectly acceptable. I'm surprised because I had an ultrasound last week (31 1/2 weeks) and my baby came out to be 4.11 pounds and the tech said that was big, the 90th percentile! I guess a week makes a big difference.


Kel - July 28

Miranda, I will be 33 weeks Sunday so perhaps a little more than a week does make a diffence.


lyn - July 28

my little girl weighs about 4lb 3oz at 32 weeks, and they said that was normal.


miranda - July 28

Kel - this Sunday, July 31, you'll be 33 weeks? I will be 33 weeks on Sunday too. I'm confused!


miranda - July 28

Never mind.. took me a minute. You had your ultrasound this week and I had mine last week. "Placenta Brain" as my sister calls it. Is your due date Sept 18 then?


Lindsay - July 29

My due date is Sept 18th!!! Yea, now I know approximately what my little man weighs!!!


Hope - July 29

Kel-What was your measurement? I too am worried about my small size, but the doctor just told me not to worry so much. I'm 30 weeks, measuring 27 cm.


miranda - July 29

Lindsay - I guess Sept 18 is a popular date! You of course realize what the day of conception was, dont you? (If your cycle was regular)


RC - July 30

Yeah-7 pounds is a normal birth weight. When I had my ultrasound done at 30wks she guessed he would be 8 pounds at birth


Julie - July 31

My first son was only 6 lbs. 14 oz. and born at 39 weeks. Your baby will be fine! After he was born he really porked up and was always in the 100th percentile for height and weight.


Kel - August 1

Miranda, I am 33 weeks today, MOnday, August 1. I am due Sept. 19


Kel - August 1

Miranda, I keep messing up when a new week begins for me. A new weeks starts for me on Monday, but for the first 4 months I kept thinking a new weeks started on Sunday. Sorry to confuse you. :)



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