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Julie29 - March 25

At what point do most babies move down into position for birth? How long after it moves do most people go into labor? When are most of you having your last ultrasound? And if the baby is measuring big does that usually mean it comes early?


Tess - March 25

I just got my 32 wks u/s and check up yesterday and the sonographer was having a hard time measuring her head bcoz my baby is already head down (but she hasnt dropped yet) she said only my Dr would be able to tell that. Im guessing thats my last u/s at 32 wks and NOH if the baby is measuring big that doesnt mean he or she would come early.....IF you havent done a scan yet and when youre dr measures you he/she had probably measured you big bcoz the baby is in the wrong position and thats y most Dr. would say that youre measuring big (coz thats what happened to me 3 wks ago) the reason y I got a scan yesterday bcoz my Dr said Im measuring 2 wks ahead but infact Im just right on target....Goodluck!


meme - March 25

Babies may or may not move down generally a few weeks before delivery; this is more common in first-time moms. It's up in the air how long after that happens that you'll go into labor, just like dialation and effacement have basically nothing to with that either. I only had two ultrasounds because I have a healthy pregnancy: One in-office at 14 weeks; and the level two at 18 weeks. There is no great way to tell how big or small a baby will be (doctors and even ultrasounds can be off by several pounds), and even so, a baby can come out at five pounds or at ten pounds. It's tough to have patience when this gets increasingly uncomfortable toward delivery time, but trust me... the women I know who didn't have expectaions for labor are the ones who were disappointed and whose labors were positive experiences. Good luck!


meme - March 25

lol, meant to say "weren't disappointed."


Rabbits07 - March 25

Julie, most babies usually turn head down(if they are going to ) by 36 weeks(though they can still turn after), but as far as dropping down, like meme said, it can be a few weeks before birth and is more frequent in first time moms. I had my last ultrasound at 18 weeks, at which time the overall measurements of my baby were that of the average 21.5 wk old fetus. I have also measured large (HOF) for my entire pregnancy, as I did with my last two. i did go early, but have done so with all of mine. Their weights have ranged from 6lb 3 oz @38 wks, 6 lb 13 oz @ 35 1/2 wks, 7 lb 2oz @ 38 wks, 7 lb 6 oz @ 37 wks, and 8 lb 1 oz @ 38 wks. As you can see, size doesn't determine how early they come. Plus, after an ultrasound baby #2 was estimated to weigh around 5 lb, but came in at 6.13.


Jilloh - March 25

my baby turned by 32 weeks been that way ever since. He may be upside down but he is still very high and i have no dialation or I didn't on Thursday. I will have my last ultrasound I guess at the last doctors visit that I have before I deliver (my doctor does a u/s at every visit for every patient). My doctor uses a u/s to measure the baby but I didnt see my regular doctor last week, soooo I don't know where I stand on measurement



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