Quick Fetal Movement

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mary b - February 12

HI ladies, does any else's baby seem like they are moving really quick sometimes? It happens only for a second or two. Kinda like the baby is shaking or punching me. I can feel it down low tummy around where her upper body is...otherwise she squirms around like normal kicking and poking me w/her feet....I am almost 37 weeks pregnant....thank u


mary b - February 12

Can someone help?


candaceann1 - February 12

I feel the same thing all the time. I wouldnt worry about it.


Kar - February 12

mary b.........nothing to worry about I asked my doc and she said its fine........read the other post on Movement.


SaraH - February 12

yep mine does that from time to time too. It's a quick half-second sort of thing and almost feels like the baby has some sort of little spasm attack (like an impossibly short seizure). I've been trying to figure out for weeks how exactly it can move like that and what exactly it's doing, but I don't think it's anything to worry about at all.


Kristin11 - February 13

Sounds like hiccups ladies, does the baby seem to do it after you eat or drink something?


SaraH - February 14

It's not hiccups for me...mine gets those all of the time too (at least 2-3 times a day). This is a strong kick/punch/wiggle movement that it does really really fast. LOL I think it just enjoys beating it's mother up some days. : )


Kristin11 - February 15

Yeah my baby loves to beat on me too. When are you due?


xoxticiaxox - February 15

I cant tell if my baby is hicuping or not...all I feel is when shes digging her hands or feet into my belly!


SaraH - February 16

Kristin I'm 33w's and due April 5th. xoxticiaxox, as far as hiccups go, I feel them best when I'm lying down or sitting. You can tell that they are hiccups because the baby kind of feels like it's bouncing a little bit every couple seconds. It's kind of a rhythmatic little jump in your belly that just keeps occurring over and over again for a few minutes. --At lest that is what it's like for me.


Kristin11 - February 16

I am 31 wks and 5 days, due april 16th. SaraH do you ever feel like you b___t has the hiccups? lol like the baby is sitting in it?


mary b - February 17

Thank u ladies for the info...i feel much better about it...it was just scary


jessica72 - February 17

Kristin, LOL..i had exactly what you described last night. It felt like my b___t was pulsating from the inside! It must have been baby hiccups happening very low. too funny


SaraH - February 17

LOL. Kristin, I've had that a couple times. Most of the time though mine isn't so much in the rear but get it in the groin and lower pelvic bone alot. : )



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