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phillygir1 - September 19

OK Ladies, here is the question. I am 34 weeks into my pregnancy and I have been in the hospital twice. I am dialated 3 cm and 90% effaced. I was having contractions every 2 minutes. My fiance is traveling for work for the next 4 days and it is 5 hours by plane away. Poll question is do you think it is a good idea for him to go? His boss said he didnt have to because of what has been going on in the past two weeks but he is going. Do you think this is a good idea? I am on medication but the doctor said it is not a labor stopper for sure. Please help.


fitzerin - September 19

I'd tell him to stay home. Sounds like you could pop any day now.


musicbaby - September 19

hmmm hard to say. But if it were me I would want him home. Mind you I had something similar with early labour at 35 weeks and I am now 38 and still waiting.... there is no way to know unfortunatly.


phillygir1 - September 19

thank you ladies, least i know i am not over reacting. i am really upset because he is leaving the the flights to get home are few and far between. if i go into labor he will not be here and that is the decision he made, which hurts my feelings. lets hope i can keep my legs crossed till he comes home. my contractions come back everyday...not 2 minutes apart but they are still present. thanks again ladies~


frozenfeet - September 19

Unless you are super strong and can handle being home alone and facing potential preterm labour on your own....you are certainly not overreacting...I'd be saying....stay home!!


musicbaby - September 19

Yeah your not overreacting phillygirl! I would be beside myself if hubby wasnt here when it happens! Is your Mum close by or someone that you will be able to call if it does happen? Good to have a back up just in case to look after you until he arrives back home. :-)


Tan - September 19

if he doesnt need to go, I would NOT let him go!! good luck!


sfrog68 - September 19

I had the almost the same situation and the shots they gave me did not stop my labor actually the night I finally got the shots my water broke the same night. There is no way I would have let my DH go anywhere.


Krissy25 - September 19

Phillygirl you know what will happen if he goes, you will go into labor but if he stays you know you won't. So he should probably stay that way you won't go into labor. LOL


crrodgers - September 19

I do not think you are over reacting. My husband went to a football game a few days before I was scheduled to deliver and that made me mad and it was only 1 hour away! If you do not desperatley need the money, I would say to put the trip off. It's hard because babies are usually not born this early, but if you have had contractions and have dilated, the risk is there. Good Luck!


KDR - September 19

NO. He shouldn't go. That's it. At least that's what I'd tell my husband. We already had a spat about when he was going back to work. He thought since my c-section is on a Friday that he'd take the weekend off and go back to work on Monday! Men leave their b___s at work, I swear. Good luck girl!


phillygir1 - September 19

he is going and there is nothing i can do about it. i am beside myself. i currently live with my mm due to me being on bed rest but i want him there if it happens :( i am so sad


phillygir1 - September 19

PS: He leave tomorrow


crrodgers - September 19

I am sorry about your situation phillygirl! You will be in my thoughts and prayers and for the health of your baby and your sanity I hope you stay pregnant until your hubby comes home. I know it is better said than done, but the more you stress over this the bigger chance you have of having complications, so let mm take care of you and take it easy for the next few days. He'll be back before you know it. Being mad about won't make it better. Good Luck!


FirstTime Mommy92307 - September 19

If it was me I would want him home just in case! I don't like the thought of my BF not being there when I deliever but thats me. good luck


docbytch - September 20

It's okay for him to go only if you are willing to risk his not being there for the baby's birth. If you are comfortable with the prospect of that (which sounds likely given your present state)...then let him go. If you really want him there with you? Ask him to stay. If I were you...I would ask him to stay


phillygir1 - September 20

i asked him to stay, begged him to stay, cried pleading him to stay...he is at the airport now. i feel so disrespected. like he doesnt give a d__n. we are in the process of redoing our house and i am on bed rest so i have been staying at my mother's house...he didnt even stay with me last night.



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