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phillygir1 - September 20

i asked him to stay, begged him to stay, cried pleading him to stay...he is at the airport now. i feel so disrespected. like he doesnt give a d__n. we are in the process of redoing our house and i am on bed rest so i have been staying at my mother's house...he didnt even stay with me last night.


angelinakai - September 20

i'm sorry phillygirl1. that is so mean. if he misses the birth of his child, he will regret it. will you be okay if he is not there... can your mom be there with you?


phillygir1 - September 21

i just wanted to send an update. i have been so sad and hurt the past 2 days. i am really thinking of leaving him once he returns. he never puts me or the baby first and i told him that. he just laughs at me and tells me he loves me. i am so sick of getting the back seat. he does not even call me to check up on me. i am sick of it. do you think i should just leave and tell him if he wants me he needs to put me and the baby first and my feelings? i am not trying to sound over emotional but i am sick of him hurting me.


docbytch - September 21

That's a tough one. With a baby coming and all...it would be far better if the two of you could actually make things work and help each other in the raising of your baby. Baby's thrive when their parents love each other too. He does not seem to put his money where his mouth is though. WHY is he picking NOW to leave for a trip when you are so close?? What's the big deal behind this trip that he just has to go?? Has he been doing other things to make you feel like you and the baby have been placed in the backseat? It's totally understandable for you wanting to leave him after the way he is callously treating you right now... But I guess I would suggest to you....If there IS a chance for reconciliation....try that first...at least for a trial period. Make your needs clear and give him an ultimatum if he doesn't follow through. If it can work for all of you...it is the most desirable outcome. Good luck phillygirl. Sorry you have to go through this when pregnancy is already so d__ned hard!! :(



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