Quick Question Re Mucous Plug

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jj - October 17

I'm 38 wks and just had some significant mucous discharge, but am wondering if that was "it" (ie, the plug). I thought it would be bloody or more substantial (sorry if this is tmi, but it was on the toilet paper, but seemed like a lot to be just discharge). Was this just discharge or in fact the plug? And how significant is it? Does that mean any day now, or still a week or more off?


jessie - October 17

I don't have an answer to your question - I'm actually in the same situation. Today I had easily a tb worth of mucous, which is much more than usual. But there was not "bloody show". Maybe our body is just producing more?? I'm not sure. I'm only 36 weeks, though.


Kim - October 17

I am 38 weeks and so far I have not lost my plug but not everybody does. I have read that when you lose it, and it sounds like you may have, jj and jessie, you can easily have another 1-2 weeks until labor starts or it can start tomorrow. As far as bloody show goes, it is separate from the mucous plug and I believe that it means you are closer to labor.


Alissa - October 17

The mucus plug is really stringy and kinda has a smell to it. You could also loose all of it or some of it. After you lose your mucas plug it could be a week or two


Mary - October 17

can you not loose your plug an go into labor?


jj - October 17

well, i have a dr's apt tomorrow so i will ask her if that was "it" and what it means....mary, not sure about your question. kim and alissa, i think you're right...my sis in law went into labor the nite she lost her plug, but other people go a week or two more. It just weirded me out when it happened, especially since i was at the office.


Shannon - October 17

i don't think i've lost mine (haven't noticed an abnormal amount of discharge) and my due date is in 6 days. i'm really hoping that isn't a bad sign.


jj - October 17

follow up: looked up some old posts and some women don't lose their plug til they're in labor, so i wouldn't worry about it. my only other question if s_x is still okay. i think it is.


Ruth - October 18

When you loose the plug, it actually takes a few days. You gradually loose it and it will be a thick blood tinged mucous. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with how soon you will deliver. It could be days or you could be like me and it could be weeks. I lost mine and didn't have my baby until 2 1/2 weeks later!!



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