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waitngformyangel - November 19

so now i am playing the waiting game as im sure many of you are doing too... [[just hang in there]] today i am 38w5d.saturday morning [[about 2 am]] i went to the hospital because for the past hour and a half i was having contractions about 3-5 minutes apart. so they admited me and then the nurse checked my cervix and said i was only 1 cm dialated. :/ [[sigh]] so she said i could walk around and see if i progress......[[nope]] so they sent me home. :/ is there anything that can help you dilate?? ive heard that its the contractions that make you dilate. also can you tell like will know if youre dilating or not??? or can only the dr tell you that?? im so anxious i cant wait anymore. :/ lol. hopefully they tell me i progressed a little bit more on tuesday. as long as my turkey dinner isnt interrupted lol.just kidding... lol.so the contractions are pretty much eh.... theyre not that strong yet.lol. but the pelvic pressure...[[down there]] hurts so much and makes me stop dead in my tracks... anyone else feel like this??? anyway i think this is pretty much long enough.lol. thanks for reading and responds are always appreciated. thank you and god bless. :D


emfine99 - November 19

Join the club! I've been playing the waiting game for a while. I'm 39 weeks, due on Friday. I've been having bad contractions for about 3 weeks but haven't been dialated yet. I have a feeling that I am now because I lost a big blob of mucus today which usually happens when you start to dialate. They told me last week that I was 50% effaced which is good. Did they tell you if you were effaced any? Contractions are a way of dialating I think, but the dr's can't tell you exactly when you will go into labor. It sucks. I'm about to go take a trip to Walmart to walk and see if I can get things started lol! I think that's about all you can do! There are all of these things that say they start labor, but if the baby isn't ready to come out, it won't happen! Good luck!


January - November 19

I was 1cm for 8 days IN the hospital with NO change.. then I went from 1 to 10 in about 15min. Hang in there!


angie m - November 19

I am part of that sit and wait club too and it sucks. I am 38 weeks 6 days. I get the pelvic pressure really bad when I have contractions too and it hurts soooooo bad. If you want to know if you are dilating at all you can try to check your cervix your self if you feel comfortable doing it. I can't reach mine but hubby can so I have him check every once in a while especially if I am having lots of contractions. With my last baby my contractions didn't get closer then 6 min apart until I was 10cm so I am kinda scared that it will be the same way this time and I want to make sure my midwife gets to my house in time (I'm having a home birth). If I have hubby check at least I know if I am dilating more, I am already 3cm as of last Tue. Well lets hope all of us in this terrible waiting game will have our babies in our arms soon. GOOD LUCK!



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