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squawnz - January 3

Hi I am 30 weeks pregnante, and very concern about having heart palpitations and being out of breath every day when I sit in front of my computer (work 5 days/week) specially on morning and it start happening after approx. 20 mns. Doctor and midwife don't seem to take it seriously, but I am. I am not tired as I work from home and just came back from a resting holiday, i really think I am sensitive to the low frequency radiation from the computer and I am concern it can cause problem to the baby. Can you help with advice please? Many thanks in advance


Chris1975 - January 3

Hey there...i also work from home 5 days a week on a laptop and often feel like im heavy breathing these days! Havnt really had heart palpitations but notice if I dont get up and walk around every 20 mins or so , i get really swollen feet and sore back! Not sure about radiation as ive never heard of problems from that. Id re-iterate to your dr the seriousness of the situation if you feel it is....what did he say when you told him? did he recommend anything?


KRISTINA - January 3

I work at a computer 5 days a week as well. There is no harm in it, except maybe developing carpal tunnel sydrom. Where did you hear that low frequency radiation from your computer would harm you??? Most of us experiance shortness of breath while pregnant, its one of the side effects of carrying a human being around. What do you mean by heart palpitations? Have you had heart problems before or been diagnosed or are you just guessing that you have heart palpitations?


jenice - January 3

Hi. The third trimester is full of goodies, such as shortness of breath, and increased heart rate. Remember, your body is pumping more blood around than normal, so sometimes we can experience what feels very much like heart palpitations. What kind of posture do you use when working on the computer? I know if I'm sitting the same way for about 20 minutes I start having difficulty breathing., especially when typing at the computer. Remember, your shoulder and neck muscles tighten when you're at the computer, which really wreaks havok on your ease of breathing. I don't think the radiation from your computer is affecting you, unless you're using a really ancient machine. (And I mean something from the 80's!) Try moving and taking breaks every 15-20 minutes, and take work slow. Often I find my body lets me know it's tiring by reacting in the ways you've described. And don't worry, I don't think your baby is affected by the computer at all. Good luck!



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