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Jilloh - November 6

So I am like 31 or so weeks pregnant. I am seeing the doctor every two weeks now. I went to the doctor on October 22 and found out that the nurse had left last Friday and it was a great appointment because the doctor wasn't rushed or anything. I actually got to chat with her. After the appointment I scheduled my next appointment for yesterday. I met the new nurse. I don't like her. She talks to you like you're 4 and that you haven't been here before. Even though she has my chart in front of her showing every visit that I have been there. She was trying to rush yesterday and she decided to just use the little electronic blood pressure monitor while she did other things for my chart. My blood pressure was HIGH. She said Ohhh I need to redo that and I asked her if she intended to use that electronic thing again and she indicated that she was. I refused and told her she could it it the old fashioned way that little electronic thing hurt and besides she put it on my "little arm" (as she called it) which was right below my elbow. She did it the old fashioned way and I went from being a 159/89 to a 124/68 much better. I hope it was just new meeting and first visit jitters for me because I like the doctor but it is a small practice (one doctor, one nurse, one office manager, one benefits lady) but I hope this new nurse gets better in my opinion. Sorry for the rant. I just had to get it out. Grrr.


tish212 - November 6

I understand where u r coming from in the dr office I go to each dr has their own nurse...(its 2 md's and a midwife) I like seeing the midwife cuz shes so sensative to my concerns ect...and I alwaysfeel like I'm doing everything correctly when I leave...BUT I hate her nurse...she acts like shes too busy to listen...she never smiles...like I'm bothering her... she rushes me nonstop...like she walks back to the room super fast and stand at the door staring at me like...come on....she can come on...I waddle...so I move slow...its not a race to the room jeez! I hope that ur nurse does calm down maybe she was nervous? or is trying to impress the dr by moving super fast? if it doesn't change u might try tellin th dr he should say something to her about her bedside manner... (and I hate the electronic bp measurment it hurts me sooooo much) gl


Jilloh - November 7

I am hoping she was nervous.....I have to deal with her again on the 19th! I am not 4. This is not my first pregnancy. And top it off THIS IS NOT MY FIRST VISIT TO THE OFFICE. I felt rushed, nothing accomplished, and such. Grrr


KRISTINA - November 7

I had my first baby at a military hospital. I never really got to know any nurses during my appointments. But I remebered the nurses that worked in the labor and delivery and they were MEAN! I remember calling them and telling them I was having a contraction every 2 minutes and it had been going on for 2 hours and they said to stay at home because I shouldnt be able to talk to them if I was really in labor because the pain would be to great. They were mean until I finally went into labor. Kinda like they thought I was just being a big baby and didnt know what I was talking about. I dont really like the nurse that works at my doctors office now either, but she wont be there for the delivery, so I dont really care. I just ignore her. I just guess there are 2 kinds of nurses in this world....there are the super sweet ones and the no nonsence b___hy ones. But even the b___hy ones can end up being life savers.


melissa w. - November 7

i know how u feel i just had a nurse like that today!! i had to go to get a non stress test done today cause the baby wasnt moving that much today so my doc was concerned.. she talked to me like i was stupid and she almost made me cry... i hate that sometimes i think that some people r in nursing for the wrong reasons... good luck to u... oh n by the way.. when u had the cervidil done did it take a long time for u to open cause they told me it could take 24 hours or more just for that part!! i'm really stressing i hate hospitals!!! ttyl



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