Raspberry Leaf Tea

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feel sick! - October 6

ive just had my first cup of it and MY GOD its disgusting. Is there anything i can put in it to make it taste better? am i the only one who thinks its vile?


Audrey - October 6

How far along are u, i wanted to try it but i dunno when it is safe to start drinking it, i am 32 weeks


sam (real name) - October 6

im 37 weeks, its ok to start drinking it after 36 weeks coz it can bring on early labour so not safe before then. believe me i might have to stop drinking it, i still havent finished the cup!


Audrey - October 6

does it taste that bad??how are u feeling?Do you know the s_x of the baby


sam - October 6

it tastes bad to me but i hate any kind of herbal tea. and normal tea for that matter, ha ha. how am i feeling? well i feel absolutely c___p to be honest, im in alot of pain (back,ribs etc) and i cant get comfy and im bored now ive left work. but other than that im fine!! Im having a girl. what about you? are u suffering and do u know the s_x of your baby?


Audrey - October 6

Well i hear your pain, i am only 32 weeks i dunno how the heck i am going to last until my due date..I don't know the s_x of my baby, i had an ultrasound at 20 weeks, they thought it was a boy but couldn't confirm it, where u from?


sam - October 6

i had a scan at 20 weeks and they said they thought it was a girl but i had another scan last week and had it confirmed which is good coz ive bought lots of girl things. Im from uk what about you?


Audrey - October 6

I asked for another US but they wouldn't give me one. I am from New Mexico, very far from you.


sam - October 6

i only had the scan because my midwife was concerned about my babies size and i had to have one so they could take measurements. I was pleased coz i got another peek at my bubba! Anyway, i put sweetner in the tea and it tasted much better! LOL


lisa - October 6

you didnt put milk with it did you? i put suger with it, pleanty, and sometimes a bit a neat squash takes the edge off the weird taste


sam - October 6

hi lisa, no i didnt put milk in it. i just put two of my canderel tablets in it and it was drinkable then. still dont like it tho, mite try the juice in it like u said! what am i drinking it for anyway, what is it meant to do??????


Barb - October 6

I had liike 4 cups of it yesterday and I'm wondering if that's why I had contractions all night long...nothing has come of them, but hopefully I'm at least dialating or something.I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow...the tea tasted really good to me with sweetner and a teaspoon of honey in it :)


Julie - October 6

Try the pills. I take 4 a day much easier than drinking the tea. I bought them at the Vitamin Shoppe for $6.00


Cora - October 6

Raspberry leaf tea WILL NOT put u into labor. It is for toning your uterus,and is supposed to make laboring a bit easier. I have been using it thru out most of my pregnancy, and actually quite like the taste of it now. I drink about 3-4 cups a day, and mix it with a bit of pasteurized honey for sweetening.


Cora - October 6

Raspberry Leaf : This herb has been used for centuries. Traditionally considered to prevent miscarriages and to tone the muscles, raspberry is a safe, effective herb for pregnant women. A standard brew tea, taken frequently throughout the day, is pleasant and refreshing and works deeply within the muscles and uterus. The leaves contain an active principle called fragrine, which acts particularly on the female reproductive organs, the muscles of the pelvis and uterus.


JB - October 6

Where do you live? Are you accustomed to drinking hot tea? The reason I'm asking, is that I'm in Texas, and tea is only right (for me) with sugar and ice. Drinking it hot for me, made it disgusting, so what I did is, as soon as it's done steeping and still hot, I pour it into a gla__s/pitcher and add sugar. Once the sugar dissolves, I then add ice, and stir with a spoon until the entire gla__s is chilly. It's the only way I, personally, can drink it. Now I drink about a liter a day. Let me know what you think!!


NAT - October 6




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