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lindsay - May 22

ok, so i had my 38 week appt. today, including an ultrasound and nst. at my ultrasound, my dd was estimated to be 6 lbs 5 oz.... no big deal , right? well, my concern is that 4 weeks ago, she was estimated to be 5 lbs 4 oz, so that would mean she only gained a pound in a month... still no big deal , right? well, here is where my anxiety comes into play: a lot of you know the reason she is monitered so closely is for my circ_mvallate placenta, so we really watch her growth (which has gone well) but the week before my last u/s i had a bpp and she was 4 lbs 10 oz and the week before that i had a routine u/s and she was 4 lb... so that was 10 oz a week 2 weeks in a row!!! i know it was probably a growth spurt , if the measurements were indeed accurate, but doesn't it seem weird that she would be growing that much and then suddenly slow so much? or am i just paranoid because of the possibility of growth retardation?? back in april , she was only around the 40 % , then all last month almost 70%, now back down to around 40%... just seems strange to me and i really thought they'd tell me she was like closer to 8 pounds today... and, my son was 9 lbs 4 oz, so it wouldn't have been strange for her to be that big. i know the measurements are only estimates and carry like a 20%range either way, but it seems like such a difference to me... has anyone else experienced this? and was your baby what they said s/he was or was s/he bigger or smaller??


Been There - May 22

I don't really know exactly about the weight. Perhaps you could think of it this way, all children have growth spurts at different times during their growth. They slow down in growth, then speed up. It's probably the same thing while in the womb and nothing to really worry about. And you are correct, they are just estimating the weight. Babies start packing on pounds at the end anyway. Unless the doctor says there's something wrong, you shouldn't allow yourself to get worked up. It sounds like she's just gearing up her weight for birth. It doesn't (from what I can see) look like growth retardation. Although I completely understand why, I think you are just so concerned that you're scaring yourself by a___lyzing everything deeply. What did the doctor say about all this?


lindsay - May 22

he said "i hear you" (about my concern and all) but said that since she was in the 40th, then 70, then back to 40th %, that maybe the middle measurements weren't quite accurate, but who knows! he's really not all that concerned , and to be really honest, i'm not totally freaking out, it just raises a lot of concern but the fact that i'm 38 weeks, i know she could be delivered if she'd do better outside the womb and most likely be absolutely fine.. it would be a lot different if i were onlt 32 week sor something, you know? i know it's not growth retardation (that's 10% or less) but the whole thing just threw me for a loop!!! esp, b/c i really thought she'd be SO much bigger... well, i guess she still could be...she does have a couple more weeks to cook, lol! oh, how our children keep us guessing! thanks for your reply, been there. anyone else's rea__surance and/or experinces are still welcome !


MelG - May 23

I wonder about the measurements that doctors give. because both my husband and father were extremely small babies. My dad was only around 5 pounds at birth (my grandmother had problems and was never able to have anymore kids after him). My husband was about the same. Yet both turned out fine and you could never tell it today. I guess if I had a small baby, I wouldn't be as worried simply because I've seen this happen in my own family with no problems.


Been There - May 23

I can't wait to get to 38 weeks like you, Lindsay. How excited you must be right now. You have to let us know how big your daughter turns out to be at birth.



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