Real Concerned Did My Water Break

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Uh-oh.. - October 23

For the past 6 hours or so, I have been having a "trickle" of clear fluid leaking from me. It hasn't been constant - more like a tablespoon at a time every 1.5 hours. Following the third time it happened, I began getting real runny, completely clear slime-like stuff also. Some of it has had a little blood in it. Does this sound familiar to anyone??


hoba - October 23

r u starting ur third trimster ? i think if u r still befor week 32 u need to check with ur dr cause it might be as u think ....good luck


j - October 23

i'm 37 weeks.


Melissa - October 23

When your water breaks, it is not necessarily always a "gush" of fluid. Sometimes it is just a trickle. You should go to your doctor or hospital immediately, because if your water has broken, you need to deliver. The longer your water is broken, it sets up risk for infection for you and your baby. They can swab your fluid and v____a with a special q-tip that will tell if what you are leaking is amniotic fluid. Sometimes it is just urine, but it is always better for the safety of you and your baby to make sure. At our hospital, if you are ruptured for more than 18 hours, you will have to receive antiobics IV, and your baby will have to stay in the nursery for 24 hours after birth for close observation for signs of infection (I am an RN in labor and delivery).


mommy-to-be - October 23

won't contractions start shortly after your water breaks?


Alissa - October 24

Not always do you start to have contractions after your water breaks. I really just depends on your body and the way it works


mommy-to-be - October 24

well say my water broke yesterday, i would have went into labor already right??


Steph - October 24

Call your doctor


jen - October 24

That is exactly how my water broke. I went to the hospital and they use this paper to test the fluid to see if it was amniotic fluid. The test said no. As I was sitting there waiting for my Doc to call the nurse back, gush! My bag completely ruptured. Later the doctor said I must have had a small leak that was not detected by the test strip. I did not have any contractions until the pitocin was started.


Christy - October 24

You may be leaking amniotic fluid or your bladder could be leaking. Can you make the leaking stop if you do a Kegel? If so, then it is probably your bladder. Call your doctor immediately and tell him/her the color, odor, and amount of fluid as well as the time the fluid began to leak. You may not have contractions and still have your water break, in which case you will probably have to be induced within 24 hours of your water breaking. I asked our childbrith educator how many women actually have their water break and go into contractions in a timely manner (within 24 hours) on their own. She said only 5-10% do both on their own at the hopsital where we are delivering. Usually, if the water breaks first, they have have to do an induction with Pitocin or if the contractions start first, then the doctor usually has to break the water.



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