Really Bad Hip Pain

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gracie - June 11

Hi all . Just wondering if anyone else has experianced this. I am currently in my second pregnancy and they were very close to each other. My right hip started aching last week. Now I can barely get up stairs or lift my son. It is awful. I am going to call the doctor on monday. It feels almost like the joint is going to pop out. It is quite painful and quite upsetting as I am litterly stuck doing nothing. I am 34 weeks preggo. Anyone have a similar situation? any advice? thanks...


clare - June 12

hiya does it happen most when you have been sat down 4 a while? im getting that. my doc said its because of the extra fluid in my joints but it hurts like hell and feels like im gonna topple over i have similar problems with my knees. i was just told to keep moving and it should calm down


tryingx3 - June 12

My right hip does that when I sleep on it, but the pain fortunately goes away during the day, but I am only 25 wks, have wondered how it wil behave as things progress!


clare - June 12

well im hitting 29 weeks and mines getting worse lol its like most bad things you have to cope lol it sux but sometimes theres nothing you can do you will just have to remind your child what it put you through when it strops in l8r life lol xxx


Been There - June 12

I think the only way to avoid it is to sleep sitting up with your back elevated. That way no weight is on either hip at night. Unless you have one of those adjustable beds, are willing to sleep on the coach or have about 10 pillows on your bed, you're situation isn't going to get better. I can't wait for the day I can go back to sleeping on my stomach. By the way, I have none of those things I just mentioned, therefore, I am suffering from hip pain too.


tryingx3 - June 12

I stack 2 pillows up in bed with me...mostly because of the acid reflux....try to sleep on my side still (till my neck hurts!)...then end up kind of propped up sitting. Do you think that is still okay? I know you are not supposed to sleep flat on your back????


mommie2be - June 13

I haven't had hip pain specifically, but I recently read online about the softening of the bones, including the hips- preparing for the baby's big day. With the extreme pain you're experiencing, though, it may be something else. Good luck and keep us posted.


AppleCake - June 13

Yep. I know this one. I am also in my second pregnancy. I had pelvis problems with the last one, but they have started alot earlier this time. I usually have pain of varying degrees in my left hip, but also in the middle of my pelvis. My midwife tells me it is all to do with Pelvic (or Pubic) Dysfunction, which is as mommy2be said, due to hormones making your ligaments soft. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about it. I have been referred for physio, but my midwife says they will probably just stick me on crutches. Maternity support belts can help, but personally I find them uncomfortable. In complete contrast to what clare said at top of page, I have been told to rest as much as possible.



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