Really Important Washing Newborn Clothes

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concerned - July 8

is it necessary to wash new born clothes before wear I really need to know I have alot of baby clothes and I heard from other poeple that it is good to wash baby clothes because of the dust if I dont need to I wont do it but I need your opinion thanks


nelly - July 8

I did with my first pregnancy I washed the baby towels washclothes blankets everything, Because they can be itchy and get dusty and what not. I have done the same for the baby Im carrying now so I'll have everything ready and want have to do it when I get home.


concern - July 8

what about the babies crib sheet and the bumper do i need to wash those to


4 sure - July 8

They can be loaded with chemicals and who knows if the factory worker that handled them had some fungal problem? I'd wash anything that touches the baby's skin


nelly - July 8

TO CONCERN it would be a good idea to wash those things too. You never know how baby's skin will react to certian things, My daughter has really bad skin allergies and has had her whole life and is 5 now and she has to take meds everday because she breaks out so easily. I hope my baby Im carrying now does not have it. Lots of Luck with everything.


concern ` - July 8

how do you wash the clothes and keep them looking like new I've washed half of the baby clothes and the ones I've washed look old and faded and wrinkled am I washing it wrong this is my first baby sorry for the stupid question


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 8

We use All for Baby, We wash on the gentle cycle and then dry with low heat. Make sure you take things out of the dryer as soon as they are dry and hang them up, then they wont be as wrinkled. Also most baby clothes you can iron.


kh - July 9

I would dry them in high heat actually b/c that's what will kill the dust mites I believe :)


Chris - July 9

It's also a good idea to get a lingerie bag to put the really little things in, like the socks, washcloths and mittens. Those suckers will go over the top of the wash basin and into pumps in your machine. Not only does it suck to lose articles of clothing but they WILL jack up your washer !!!!!!!!! You can usually find these around the clothes pin area at the store. Just little mesh bags with zippers.



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