REALLY Need Advice On Whats Best

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Eryn - July 7

I am 30 weeks pregnant and can't decide if I should have a c-section or delivery regularly. Even though I know it doesen't matter I am only 5 feet tall and very pet_te. I am so scared to deliver regularly that I can't get excited about the baby. All I can think about is the labor. If I have a c-section I know it will take a while to recover and be painful. Any opinons on what you might recommend. I realize I am supose to figure it out but I would appretiate any advice. Thank You


J - July 7

It wont be up to you if you have a c-section. Thats up to your dr. and usually they only do one when there is a problem.


Eryn - July 7

My Doctor is giving me the option of having one. So that's why I am really thinking about it.


Jbear - July 7

Some doctors will do an elective c-section. Why don't you read some of the posts in the c-section topic, to see what some of the ladies posting there are dealing with as far as recovery...I don't want to scare you, but it is major abdominal surgery, and I would have had a hard time letting anyone do it to me if not absolutely necessary. It was uncomfortable recovering from it, and I have a hernia at the incision site, but I've never had a v____al birth, so I don't know how bad the recovery is with that. There's pictures on of a c-section, done step-by-step, also there's a good description of the process on This is the one thing I haven't read anywhere about c-section: I could feel everything they did to me, cutting, squeezing, tugging...I could feel it all, but with the pain medication it just didn't hurt.


nelly - July 7

I was extremely small when I got pregnant with my 1st daughter I did not even weigh 100lbs and I was little over 5 foot tall and only 18 and I delivered v____ally and I had no problems at all. No matter what there is going to be pain it took my sis a week to heal after a c-section and it took me a week to heal after delivering v____ally. I would not want a c-section unless it was absolutely nessacery.


Eryn - July 7

Thank You!



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