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waitngformyangel - November 8

how do i know if im having contractions. like i have read that some women have contractions and not even know or feel them. i am 37w1d today and ready to have my little girl. i had an appt yesterday the doc did the gbs test. [[results next thurs]] but she didnt check to see if i was dilating or anything. but any how do i know if im having comtractions or not?? what exactly do they feel like? even the very light ones. any help would be REALLY REALLY helpful.thanks and god bless.


emfine99 - November 8

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and I've been having period like cramps and they are horrible! Then it starts to get tight in my stomach. The dr said that they are real contractions. Good luck!


babyfever2006 - November 8

emfine, I am at the hospital because my water broke 3 weeks ago. I am having the exact same thing (intense menstrual-like cramps and my stomach tightening) but they are not showing up as contractions on the monitor! I would swear they are true contractions but the monitor says different. Then interestingly enough, I will look up on the monitor when I'm not having any pains and the monitor will show that I'm having contractions when I don't even feel a thing. It's very frustrating!


waitngformyangel - November 8

hmm i have this pain like on the top of my belly maybe about 5 inches above belly b___ton. its not like ''killing me'' pain but it is very uncomfortable. ive had some of the same feeling before.. but the ones im having now... it been about an hour and it hasnt stopped it feels a little worse when i breathe out. and during dinner i felt a little nauseus because of it.i mean its bearable pain but never the less still a pain.. is this normal?? could they be contractions. i remember before pg and i would get my pd cramps they were so unbearable i just wanted to basically sit on the toilet.. AND feel liek throwing up . sorry gross i know but thankfully i havent had any pain like that. and yesterday i went shopping and my baby has dropped but when i was walking around the sore it hurt so bad down there cause of all the pressure i like wanted to cry but i didnt want my mommy to see me



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