Really Need To Vent

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Sonia - December 30

Hi everyone, I just had a bad thing happen. See, last Dec 20 my rent was due, I was staying at a very small place with my boyfriend, hoping to save a little money for when our mothers come to visit when our baby is born, which is 4 weeks away. Dec 20 comes and I didn't wanna pay another month, since I wasn't gonna need it all. So I asked this good friend of mine to take us in her house for 2 weeks max until I can find something suitable for us and the grandmas. I couple of days ago we did find something, already gave a down payment, but I will only be able to move on Jan 3. Now my friend is telling me her mom and her brother are coming to visit on Jan 1!!!! I knew they were coming but they never set a date until today. Am I being ungrateful to think that she should've let them know she had people staying right now?? Plus, I've been straight with her and I said I'd stay two weeks max, and I've kept my promise, so I really don't know what to do, and nowhere spend those two nights!! She informed me of this via SMS about an hour ago, and at the end of the message she put a smiling face!! That, of course, didn't help. Ok I'm done now.


Ashley - December 30 wasn't great on your friend's part, but seems like you kinda set yourself up for a bad situation. She shouldn't have to take in you, your boyfriend, your baby, you mother and you mother in law - that's nuts!! Of course I also think it's nuts to be moving right when your baby's due. Anyways, I don't really think you have a huge right to be mad at your friend.


Sonia - December 30

I guess I didn't explain the situation correctly. My friend took me in for just two weeks and then I'm moving to another house, where the grandmas, my boyfriend and I will live. I'm not exactly mad at my friend because her mom never set a date until now, I just feel like if her mom knew I was staying there she could've waited a couple of days, but I don't think my friend told her. So it's a huge problem of communication and I will be without a shower or a bed because of it.


rl - December 30

umm can't you just stay at a motel for a couple of days I mean I don't know where you live but I live in fla and you can find a decent motel for around $30.00 a night and it is only for what 2 nights


SHelly - December 30

i dont think you should be upset about this, except what i dont understand is...... Is she asking you to leave on the first when they arrive? Talk to her and let her know your not sure what to do for the two days. It also depends on where her family is coming from to visit, if they are coming from far then i can understand or maybe the days they set are the only days for them to come out and visit. Im sure she did tell them and she doesnt mean any harm. the best you can do is talk to her about how you feel.



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