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Evansmomma - January 19

I'm 35 weeks, I went to the doctor today and told him about the severe va___al pressure I've been having. He checked me and told me that I haven't dialated, so I he took me back for an ultrasound and told me that the reason I have been having so much pain and pressure is because the baby is using my cervix as a trampoline. He told me he is breech. He said that only 5 % of babies this far along haven't turned. He said full term only 2% haven't turned, so he told me we still have a small chance of him turning. He said at my next appt if he hasn't turned he will schedule me for a c-section, if he has turned he is going to hurry up and induce me before he turns again. I wanted so bad for a natural delivery. If there is anyone that has gone through this, I could really use some reassurance and insight.


Lala - January 19

one option I don't see your doctor talked about is an external version. They do, of course, have risks; but if you have it at the hospital with a c-section ready for any un-foreseen problems, why not? It has the potential of preventing a c-section--if successful, you could stay and be induced. If not, you'd have the section anyway. Take care!


emunah - January 19

so that's why I am having horrendous v____al pressure. Granted, I am carrying twins, but the first baby (lower down one) is breeched, and is very low down. I am in agony all the time. It's good to have an explanation. I will be having a c-sec, since it is not an option with my situation to even try and turn the baby. Hopefully not long now to go, I am 36 weeks.


Tammy276 - January 19

as lala said, why not ask your doctor about an external version? I would try this before they schedule you for a c-section.


Evansmomma - January 19

Is external version where they try and physically turn him?? He did mention that, but he said that because of the position of my placenta that it would be too risky. He said everything has to be just right to do that and its not an option in my case.


missy1974 - January 23

I just found out today that my babe is breech and also i have low levels of fluid, so the chances of her turnign into position are slim, im really disappointed but the health of the baby is always number one:)good luck


lunamoo - January 24

Hi Evansmomma, That is interesting to hear. I just called my dr. today as I have been feeling such pressure in my v____al area. It feels like how I felt after my my pelvic floor is will drop out! Can you feel your baby is breech. I am wondering if that is the reason I feel the pressure. I am 31 weeks. Where do you feel your baby's movements if it is breech, also is its' back facing your back, or does that even make a difference...? XX


BriannasMummy - January 24

I just went through this.. my daughter was born on December 7th. At my 35 week appointment I had a biophysical fetal profile taken to find out my little girl was transverse. From 35 weeks on she was either transverse or breech. She turned ALL THE TIME!! She was in the transverse position until 10 minutes before they delivered her. Even during one of my ultra sounds we watched her move from breech.. to transverse to heads down to breech again. You have PLENTY of chance for your baby to move into the heads down position. Im crossing my fingers and my toes for you!! Hopefully this sheds a little hope. ~Kristin~


jaclyn0298 - January 24

I just went through the same thing. I was told 2 weeks ago that my baby was breech and had a slim chance of flipping around, but I went today(36 weeks) and she is now head down. Never say never! I did jumping jacks... the doctor thinks I am crazy, but something worked!! Good luck ~ Jackie


sahmof3 - January 24

I really hope your son turns for you! My youngest was a scheduled c-section, but he was turning all around until about 38 weeks... and he ended up being born at 39 weeks 4 days at 10 lbs. 6 oz. 22 3/4". So he was pretty big when he was still flipping around in there. So, hopefully your baby will find his inner gymnast soon :-)


HEATHER - January 24

now im scared!!! Ive been having real bad pain in the crotch too! I thought maybe im starting to dialate. im 34w. I go to the midwife friday so I pray he isnt breech!


Evansmomma - January 26

Thanks for the hope. I'll try the jumping jacks. I've been elevating my lower body which is what the doc reccommended. I pile pillows up under my b___t and my legs. Also, I've been doing pelvic rocks. So, far he hasn't turned. I can still feel his little head above my belly b___ton and I still feel his little feet kicking the right hand side of my pelvis. My appt is only 5 days away and he hasn't turned so my hope is kind of dwindling. I'm really scared about a c section. I want so bad for him to turn and them to just induce me. I think he found his comfort zone and he doesn't seem to keen on moving his position for me or anybody else.


jaclyn0298 - January 27

I know it is stressful, but have faith. I didn't think she had turned either and to my surprise she had. My friend also told me to do hand stands in a pool to try and turn the baby. I was not so bold but it crossed my mind. Good luck. Please let me know what happens. Jackie


Celia - January 27

Don't give up hope yet! My dd turned into the breech position at 36 weeks, we tried the ECV (manually turn the baby) and she would not turn. I went in for my scheduled section at 39 weeks only to find out she had turned head down. I was induced and had her the next day. I would NOT try jumping jacks. You can rip your placenta with certain moves/excercises. There are certain moves like pelvic tilts and such that coax the baby into moving. Good luck!


Tara B - January 27

Evansmomma, I am not a doctor but I will tell you that I too am having lots of pelvic pressure and even though I am not as far along as you (29 weeks) my baby hasn't flipped yet either. My doctor said that your pelvic bones are supposed to be connected to one another. If you take your knuckles on both arms and connect them with your fingernails up imagine this as your pelvic bone. Well, when your pregnant everything in your body loosens and this might be what is happening + they might beseperating farther then others. It is supposed to get worse with every child, however, this is my first, but I took a nasty fall about 10 days ago and ever since then I have been feeling it. It doesn't harm you or your baby but is extremly painful especially when walking. Also, My friend/Co-worker went to a military hospital when she was pregnant. She was about 34 weeks and her baby had not flipped yet and her doctor said for to get down on all fours and sway back and forth as much as she can. She did it and the baby flipped.


Evansmomma - January 29

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys. My appt is Wednesday, I will let yall know what the doc says. If anyone else has any stories, please let me know.


Evansmomma - January 31

Well, just got back from doctor. All my gymnastics didn't work. Doc said he hasn't even budged and he's as breech as they come. So, he scheduled me for a c section on February 16th.



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