Receiving Blankets How Many Is Too Many

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coco797 - December 11

How many receiving blankets do I actually need? I have about 14 of them after the shower. Is that waaaayy too many? What else can they be used for? Can't I use them as burp cloths?


sahmof3 - December 11

Yeah... use them for burp clothes, blankets, privacy covers (if you bf), clean up rags when you spill formula at 2am (if you ff)... the possibilities are endless... LOL. In all seriousness, though... 14 should be enough if you're doing a load of wash every few days. I probably went through 3-4 a day, sometimes a few more if they had b__w-out poopies! When your kids grow out of them they are also good dust rags ;-)


AngelinLuv - December 12

That should be plenty. I barely even use them with my 2 week old son.


babylove4 - December 12

I agree with sahmof3...I tend to use maybe a roll of paper towels a day, So it depends on You....I think it kind of goes hand in hand I'm forever wiping something down, So just imagine a New born baby they may or may not spit up..I myself have about 14-16 blankies, I think that should be plenty, I may get a few more....Oh ya they make good burp clothes... hope that helps :0)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 12

I have a 3 month old and she LOVED being wrapped, she spit up all the time, we went through so many a day...we washed once a week but we always ran out and I have over 20 of them. Even now we go through them like crazy. They work great if you do swaddle baths as well. She hated baths, so we wrapped her stuck her in the water, washed one leg, or arm at a time...soothed her, she loved it and now she has no problem with baths. But I say 14 isn't alot at all...besides if you have a little girl, if she grows up loving dolls she has blankets for her babies, I know my sister girls had so much fun.


Jilloh - December 12

A few aren't bad and yes they do make good burp rags.


DDT - December 12

Yes, that is enough. I got TONS at my baby shower to and ended only using a fraction of them. I used them as burp cloths, to swaddle and as something to put down on the ground for tummy time. My ds rarely if ever spat up so it wasn't a really a issue with him.


mommybabyboy21 - December 12

you may end up using them a nephew who is one can't go anywhere without his blankie (he always has a receiving blanket with him) He DEFFENTLY cant sleep without one. He uses it to tick his nose while he falls asleep. my son who is 6 months old today :) and I use one to three a day. If I am at a friends house I have the habit of laying down a receiving blanket before I lay him down. Its not that I dont think their bed...couch whatever isn't clean I just think the blankets are soft and nice to lay on. And they are great at picking up spills, . and great to use as a changing pad...So many uses. I had a home birth and my mid-wife require that I have at least 6 at the birth. I think we only used 3 that night but they are great for everything.


Buffi R. - December 14

You can also roll them up and use them in your car seat/carrier, swing, or in the crib to help tuck the baby into place. When your baby is still small, you can use the rolls on their sides in the car seat to help them feel tight and secure, and also around their head if the head padding is still too big to keep their heads from flopping from side to side. In the crib, I roll them up and use them like a baby positioner. You can put another blanket over top of the rolls to help keep them in place, then set the baby on top of the blanket in between the rolls. But don't go crazy with this considering SIDS risks. Just use a couple, just enough to do the trick.


jenna32 - December 14

i would just start off with a few, depends how you are. i barely have time to shower and get dressed into anything so i am just in my " buming around clothes" so i don't care if she even spits up on me and half the time i forget and can't be bothered to go run and get one so i use kleenex,my shirt or a even better thing is even a washcloth, i usually try to feed her to stop her crying as soon as i can. i'm trying to use them more though, i just forget to because i run for the bottle when she cries and forget everything else, i guess it;s not good to spoil her like that though.


Malica - December 16

We have about 15 receiving blankets, and when your LO gets their first inevitable stomach bug and you haven't just done laundry that day, you will be glad you have that many.


Ashley86 - December 20

Honestly, I hve, at max maybe, 4...thing is, I bought a package of cloth diapers to use as spit rags because the one pack I got;, I just couldn't imagine them being spit up all over. Hubby and I bought him a snuggly blanket made of really soft material and that is his "blankie" used for comfort and such and only thing I honestly use the recieving blanket for, is when I useit to wind cover hiss car seat carrier thing. - guess if we hadn't planned around them, we'd probably use more...but that's probably because we got separate things for everything people suggest using them for. We swaddle him in one occasionally, when I feel it is too warm if prefer.


Ashley86 - December 20

sory...I meant by the last line that , if his snuggly blanket is too warm (we keep the house warm) we use a recieving blanket for swaddling instead becausse it is much lighter, thinner fabric., (I am posting from my phone and was bfing at the time last night and tiiiiired lol. So...I started losing what I was saying with each increasing minute of tiredness, Lol. Oh andmy son is only 3 wks 6 who knows also, if as he grows I may use them's still plenty early in the game. I was just saying because everyone told me how crucial it was to have plenty of them, and I ended up npt really using many at all....well, stillonly 1 so far. Those burp cloths on the other hand....I use constantly!



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