Rectal Pressure

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HEATHER - March 5

ok, for a couple nights now ive woken up with such bad rectal pressure, its very strange. its like I have to go to the bathroom but nothing will come out, it kinda burns like. It is quite uncomfortable and it wakes me right out of my sleep. I have 3 days to go, does this matter? im wondering if the baby is pushing down or something. No im not constipated, and no when I try to go nothing comes of it. am I the only wierdo experiancing this, I cant seem anyone else making ths question.


taraleej - March 5

im not yet in the 3rd trimester...but i do have a 5 year old son...and this sounds like the feeling of needing to push the baby out! should go to your doctors right away, but it could also just be pressuse becuase your due and the babys so big...but either way only the doctor can anwser that one...good luck


HEATHER - March 5

well as of friday I was only 2cm and the baby was still high up, as I was the same the friday before. I go on wednesday this week so Ill wait till then.


gina143 - March 5

Ive been haviong pressure too... But im only 33 weeks.. so Im guessing the baby is just getting heavy


gina143 - March 5

Mine dont burn.. just pressure.. and sometimes a pain in my b___t..


aliciavr6 - March 5

I'm 26 weeks and feel pressure on my bum every now and then, but it doesn't feel like I have to go #2, I can't explain the feeling other than pressure. I do believe baby is on it at that time, and sometimes I can feel her kick it.


missycc4 - March 5

Heather I'm with you on the #2 part. I might as well move into the bathroom. I'm in there a lot feeling that I have to go. I'm drinking a lot because they say to drink a lot if you can't go to the bathroom but thats not it. I eat a well fiber diet and that isn't helping. I'm 41 weeks and 1 day. I see my Dr. Wednesday at 9 so I hope with all this pressure and pain that I've done something this time. and yes the baby is pushing and it doesn't feel good.


madison - March 5

heather, i've had this same thing about 3 times now in the past 2 weeks, i am almost 37 weeks. it wakes me up but i dont have to go to the bathroom, either, and i am not constipated, either. guess i will ask my dr. this week. my friend said thats what it feels like when you are delivering. this is my first so i have no clue! good luck!


danimarie - March 6

Hey thing it COULD be is internal hemorrhoids.......sometimes you can get them and they don't bleed or hurt....I'm trying to think of nice clean ways to say Usually when you have to go #2 it gets to the end of your colon to the area which is called the rectum....when that gets stuff in it, the feeling send us a signal that we have to go. Well you can get hemorrhoids in there, giving you the feeling that you have to go, but you really don't. I am not saying that this is what it is for sure at all!!! But I do know that this COULD be a contributing factor to the rectal pressure feeling. Actually...Heather I just re-read your post and you also mentioned a burning feeling...this also goes with hemorrhoids. (I know it seems gross that I know all this, I work at a Colon & Rectal Surgeons office........)



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