Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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jp - August 15

Has anyone tried this tea to soften your cervix? Does it work? Where can you get it?


twist - August 15

I will start using it after 28 weeks, as they say any earlier it might cause premature labour. It also comes in a tablet or capsule form apparently, and you should be able to get it from any health store, possibly even a supermarket or pharmacist, depending on where you are. I have heard good things about it, it is supposed to tone the uterus to make birth a bit easier. If you want something to soften(or ripen) your cervix, try evening primrose oil capsules, but not until about 37 weeks or so. ALWAYS ask when you buy anything like that, it is probably better to get them from a reputable health store where the staff can answer any questions you have. If you are interested in alternatives to drugs (or even something to use alongside), Arnica is good for helping to heal after childbirth, and Blessed Thistle will help bring your milk in if you are b___stfeeding. Good Luck


Julie - August 16

I used it with my first pregnancy I started around 37 weeks. I had a very easy labor and went a few days early. I took the vitamin supplements from GNC you take one a day.


mandee - August 16

i took it from 34 weeks on, and have a history of very hard, long labors, this stuff i know helped! i delievered at 38 weeks, had a 5 hr v____al birth, w/o an episiotomy for the 1st time ever, and not a scratch down there, if you know what i mean. this stuff tones the uterus beautifully. i only pushed 4 times, as opposed to 2 hrs, with my other 2 children


Monica - August 16

Julie - what are the vitamin supplements called? I'm going to goto GNC to get some but I'd like to know what to ask for. Thanks


jp - August 16

Is it not a tea? Is it safe? How much is it?


twist - August 16

to Mandee and Julie - wow! that is sooo good to hear. This is my first baby, so I didn't know from personal experience whether this worked or not, I just noticed no-one had answered yet and gave jp the advice my midwife gave me. I can't tell you how pleased I am to know that this worked for you. I definitely will not be telling many people about it until after the birth though, everyone keeps saying, "Oh, you'll want to have an epidural", and "first baby, be prepared for a really long labour". They even get skeptical when I tell them I will use cloth nappies(diapers). I can only imagine what they would think if I told them I was drinking herbal tea to help with labour, some people are so narrow-minded about these things. After reading your posts I can also see that I don't need to start taking it so early (it says on the packet of tea from 28 weeks, but if I start taking it later I'll save some money) for it to still work! As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about finding out this really works, you gals have made my day, thank you.


~S~ - August 16

You can buy this tea at any health food store or a health vitamine and supplement store.


Julie - August 17

They are just called Red Rasberry Leaf and they come in a bottle with a green label. I'm sure you can ask the store personnel. They are better than the tea. My water broke at 11 pm and my husband and I got to the hospital at 12 and I didn't start having painful contractions until around 2 and then I had the epidural. I slept for a few hours and then started pushing around 8:30 and had my baby at 9. I pushed for a few minutes and out came my baby boy with no tearing and no pain! It was a joyous experience! The doctor said this was a quick labor for a first time mom.


to Julie - August 19

Why are the tablets better than the tea? Is it personal preference because you don't like the taste of the tea, or did you hear or read that somewhere? I'm just curious because I've never heard that before.


Julie - August 19

Well you get the entire supplement in one easy little pill so you don't have to keep drinking the tea you know how much you are getting. I just found this easier for me. I also remembered to do it everyday.


MANDEE - August 20



jp - August 20

I went to GNC here where I live in Texas. They said they dont' sell it. Not even the pills.


MANDEE - August 20



jp - August 20

at wal-mart by the pharmacy or by the tea?


MANDEE - August 21



sara - August 21

Well, I read all of these comments about the tea this morning and I decided to go out to GNC about an hour ago and buy some. As I was buying the tea, the lady asked when I was due. I said " Sept 8, but they said something about inducing my labor before the 31rst. Simply because my baby weighs 7lbs now, and my cervix hasnt thinned or soften." She then litterally went off on me! Why would you want to try to put your self in labor? Why such a risk? Why dont you want to have her natural and wait till she is suppose to come, and do something like this! I was like lady, hold on, the way I take it, it is suppose to help me with an easy labor. She pretty much said I was stupid for listening to such tales about easy labor, and how I would regret this if I did. I purchased my tea and then she said I would recommend you just drink one gla__s, per day. Oh I was so mad! And shes like the manager there! Anyways.. I just wanted to share this news with you guys and I just drank my first gla__s of tea. ..



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