Restless Leg Symdrome Anyone

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Tracy88 - February 25

I used to scoff at the RLS commercials, but Karma has bitten me in the butt and now I am one of the 20% of preggos with RLS. Anybody else, or am I the only unfortunate soul being tortured every night by this? I'm losing my mind!


Tracy88 - February 25

Sorry that's supposed to say "syndrome".


cubbie - February 26

You're not alone! I get RLS alot especially now at the end of the pregnancy! It makes me crazy it always happens just as I'm about to fall asleep. I find that to get up and sit drinking a hot cup of cocoa helps!


tinkri - February 26

I believe I had RLS at the end of my pregnancy too. I did not have it diagnosed because it was more of an annoyance than anything, but the good news was that after I delivered (6 weeks ago) it slowly went away. It probable took 3 weeks, but no more "jolts" for me. Hopefully it will go away for you too.


candaceann1 - February 26

I had the symptoms of RLS also. I started applying lotion to my legs before bed and now I am fine.


Tracy88 - February 26

I'm so glad I am not alone. I was reading about RLS and they have found connections between that and iron deficiency (among other things). The irony is that my blood work done last week came back saying I am slightly anemic. I started taking iron supplements and some nights have been better since then, but I am afraid to speak too soon. It has gotten so bad at night that nothing helps, and I end up crying because I just can't take it anymore. It tends to last for like 4 hours once it starts. I am exhausted and uncomfortable as it is. Let's just hope the iron helps things improve like it seems to be. Thanks for sharing! It is so good to know I'm not the only one going batty here!


newbabyras - February 26

Tracy - so sorry yours is so extreme. I get it every night, and only in these last few weeks of preg - i'm 36 weeks. I've found that for me, if i sit on the floor and strech my hamstrings and quads out, it helps a ton! Last night I woke up at three with awful spasms and had to try and get my leg up on the bathroom counter to strech my hamstrings - - oh what a sight that must have been. Good luck to you!


Atira36 - February 27

I posted about this a week or so ago. I also am suffering from RLS. It's horrible! I haven't had a decent night of sleep for weeks. I have researched it & have tried stretching before bed, heating pads on my calf muscles, calcium tablets, & iron supplements! There has been a few nights of relief but even those are interrupted by getting up to pee & worrying if my legs will start up again. Some nights are worse than others & I wonder why that is. It's hard b/c I am also keeping my husband awake each night with my constant shifting & kicking. Most people tell me that it's all preparation for when baby arrives but it just seems more terrible than normal insomnia- it's as though it really gets to your head & drives you to tears! Hopefully, we will all be back to normal after birth!


Tracy88 - February 27

I found that stretching doesn't even help me. I still do it, but it's futile. Atira, I don't even sleep in bed with hubby anymore because I don't want to keep him up. Between my restless legs, 5 trips to the bathroom, and 3 pillows I sleep with, I figure he'sd be up all night. Newbaby, I had my first spasm in my calf three nights ago and I still can't walk right. Atira, I hate to get woken up too because the fear of making it start back up again after it took so long to fall asleep is overwhelming. After reading about RLS, I understood why they also consider it a sleep disorder. It can affect your life by making you exhausted due to lack of restful sleep or the inability to even fall asleep. I spent my as much time as I could on my feet walking around throughout the day, and that didn't even help. It just made me more tired, but still unable to fall asleep. Thanks for sharing guys!


aayyeennaa - March 18

As how early do you feel RLS???


Tracy88 - March 18

Do you mean how early in your pregnancy? I have been having it for about a month and half to two months maybe it started around month 5ish. I am now 7 months since I am due May 20th.



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