Restless Leg Syndrome

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Jen - November 16

Does anyone have restless leg syndrome? This has just started to happen to me over the last month, and it makes me miserable! Anyone have any advice?


aydansmommy - November 17

Yep, it drives me nuts! The only thing that helps me is to soak in a warm bath right before bed. This way I can go right to sleep. If not, I'll be up all night. I've read that your diet can contribute to it, but I'm not sure how or why. Just try a warm bath or heating pad. It helps me. I don't know how far along you are, but for me it has really tapered off since about week 30. Now I just have different problems (carpal tunnel UGH!) LOL Hope it gets better for you soon!Good luck!


kav -due 26th nov - November 17

Yes I have the same prob. A hot shower before i go to sleep and then exercising my feet back and forth, clockwise, then anticlockwise 20x each makes my calf muscles tired and also helps. I have just recently been getting achy hands and wrists in the morning - carpal tunnel?


Kendra - November 17

I have restless legs also. It starts up at about the same time every night, without fail, and it's the most nagging feeling ever! The hot shower, heating pads do help - and I also recruit my husband to rub my legs out, it really does make them feel better!


M - November 18

I have had restless legs my entire pregnancy (19 weeks along now) and am up stretching or ma__saging my legs 3-5 times every night. If this doesn't work (most times it does) I masturbate even if I don't feel like it... I know it sounds strange, but the orgasm sends this rushing feeling through my legs and its the best relief ever, it takes the restlessness away instantly and sends me to sleep. Try it! it works!! Also splashing hot water on my legs and sitting up in bed ma__saging my legs for 10-15 minutes helps.


Tati - November 18

I had that for the last 2 weeks. It was bad. I ended up falling asleep around 4am every night. I had my DH ma__sage my legs before bed it didn't help much I also tried lying down on the bed with my legs up agents the wall for 15 min. It helped a little. But the thing that helped the most for me was a NICE HOT BATH also now that it is getting cold.(here NY) I started to wear warm pants and warm socks during the day. Ever since I started to dress up warmer I started to sleep better. Your legs maybe getting cold during the day and they let you know at night. Try it I hope something helps.



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