Restless Legs

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April Mom - February 15

Anybody having restless legs syndrome so bad that it is keeping u awake all night? What have u been doing to get relief? I feel like I have to keep stretching my legs all the time....Its 1:00 now and I can't get myself to sleep.


Shannon - February 15

I've had it AWFUL for about 6 weeks was only one leg or the other in the beginning but now its BOTH legs. My Dr. prescribed me some magnesium to take 2 times a day and I'm starting it tonight...and I think I read the iron helps to. I've just been waking up and stretching my legs or walking around...I only got 4 hours of sleep last two hour increments. I hope this magnesium helps!


Bonnie - February 15

I'm 32 weeks today and I've had this problem for the last 6 weeks or so. I have tried all kinds of things, even soaking them in freezing water and nothing helps. It usually starts at night. I've read online that there is medication but we're pregnant so we can't take any anyway. Shannon, I'll try the iron. Hopefully that will help. I go to sleep at 11:30 usually and don't fall asleep until 1 almost every night!


Beth - February 15

I had it all thru my pregnancy.....the only thing that helped me was having my husband rub out my legs every single night.


Leanna - February 15

Oh my gosh, I totally think I get that too. You know I read somewhere that researchers think it's due to lack of iron. Ironically, my doctor said I was just a tad low in iron during my last visit, so maybe there is somehting to the iron theory?? Maybe you could eat some red meat, or spinach or something before bed and see if it disapppears for you. I've upped my iron veggies and meat, and I haven't had many episodes since.


April mom - February 15

Thanks all u guys!!! I am a little low on orin, and my doc has put me on iron supplements...I have just started them, lets see if there is any relief....I'll try magnesium if the iron doesnt work too. thanks!!!


kate - February 15

ive had it for almost 4 months, i dont take anything, but everynight before i go to bed i have my husband rub my legs hard, mostly around my calfs that where i get it the most.


Girl Gilly - February 16

I haven't had this problem, however, a ma__sage therapist gave me a suggestion on how to help with sore legs/cramping so maybe it may help with restless legs. She said to fill up a four litre jug of water/milk with cool water (not too too cold) and just drizzle it down your legs. A detachable shower head would also work in this case. She said that it gets the blood moving and can be very relaxing. She said it can be done at any time during the day.


Shannon - February 16

**Update** I started the magnesium last night and my legs didnt get restless!! I guess the stuff works!



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