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Atira36 - February 11

I am 32 weeks pregnant and for the last few weeks I have been suffering from restless legs at night. It is so frustrating- I am unable to sleep & sometimes just cry in bed at night just wishing I could make my legs relax. It's effecting me during the day at work & even on the weekends, I lack the energy to do anything productive. I just want a decent night of sleep! I know that some say it's all practice for when baby arrives but I just have to vent. I read that about 10-15% of pregnant women get this & it is thought to be due to lack of iron. I have been taking slow FE in addition to my prenatals for 2 weeks now. Is anyone else out there suffering from this? If so, any tips on relief?


Lovedblessings - February 11

Atira36 Not sure about restless legs however the leg cramps I have been experiencing have been horrible! One of the ladies on another thread suggested bananas, so far that is working. Good luck!!!


crystal74 - February 11

i know what you mean atira36. since about 30-ish weeks i have been having restless leg syndrome. i can't sit still sometimes. i constantly have to move my legs. it gets so irritating and frustrating that i cry too. my husband rubs my calves for me at night when it's the worst. i told my dr. about it and she said it's normal due to all the extra weight your legs are holding up. same with your back. oh i'm 37 weeks


jue - February 12

hi i had severe restless legs whilst preg with my 3rd, he is now 6.5 weeks old and gorgeous ( i am prejudice). i spoke to my doctor about it and he perscribed cuprum which worked a treat, i took 1 tab at bed time and it worked within minutes and gave me a full nights sleep ( except for the 2 toilet trips each night lol). you can get it from either your doctor or your local health shop or ask your chemist. my RLS disappeared after i had my son so there is light at the end of the tunnel. good luck.



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