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Evonna - May 20

is this true that you must get a Rhogam shot at 28 weeks if RH negative? My doctor didn't give me a shot at all and i'm 29 weeks pregnant and my next apt. is June 2nd which i'll be 31 weeks. WILL MY BABY DIE IF I DON'T GET A SHOT!! please respond!


livdea - May 20

from what I understood if you are RH negative...you should have known this a LOT longer ago then just now. I got tested right away to find out when I found out I was pregnant. The dr explained it to me as your body attacks the baby, seeing it as a forgein object. and that you do have to be given shots to help protect the baby from your own body...though I'm guessing that since you are this far along and (I'm a__suming) everything has been normal...that you are okay. I would however call your dr on monday and ask what is going on and if anything, you need to do.


Dia_ - May 20

Hi Evonna. I am also RH negative, and yes you do need a Rhogam shot, although I am sure if you ask your doc you are still in a good time frame to have it done. If this is your first child it will not harm it. What happens is that there is a chance that your blood and baby #1's blood may mix during birth and at that point your body will begin buiding antibodies to attack that "foreign" blood, which will harm your NEXT baby...not this one. Women have been getting the rhogam shot for years---my mom had to have it with me. You will be okay, just call your doc and see what is up. Good luck!!


Evonna - May 20

Livdea, it's sad because my doctor told me at 22 weeks pregnant that i was A negative and that i will need a shot called rhogam at 28 weeks. I went to my apt. at 28 weeks and i asked about the shot he told me about getting at this apt...he was like 'Oh' and quickly added that info. to his computer so i'm a__suming i will get my shot next apt. he acted as if things were ok, but everyone has gotten their shot at 28 weeks!!!


Dawn - May 20

Hi Evonna-I am also rh-, and in the UK the injection is called anti-D which you get at 28weeks and then again at I think 34 weeks. I agree with Dia in that you should still have time to have your injection-just remember to call you doctor Monday morning.


livdea - May 20

Good luck Evonna! Don't try to stress about it too much! looks like you are not alone and everything should be fine!!


Evonna - May 20

Dia_, yes this is my first child but i had a miscarriage beginning of last year. Can it still harm my baby?


Evonna - May 20

Thanks Dawn!


krista-lee - May 20

its only a problem if you're RH - and your baby is RH +


Evonna - May 20

Well my fiance' is rh+ and i'm rh-. Am i still able to get a shot or is it too late?


Dia_ - May 21

Not sure about that one....I think you would be fine, but definitely best to check with your doc! Let us know how it goes!


SuzieQ - May 21

Evonna, you should get that shot, in my opinion. It won't be too late. I am rh- as well, and dh is +. Basically, there's a 50/50 chance that your baby is rh-, which would not be a problem. However, your baby could be +, and when you start exchanging blood (around 28 wks) then your blood will be exposed to + blood and will produce antibodies to "attack" the + blood. Talk to your doc more about it, and maybe get a second opinion as well. You will also get a shot right after you give birth too (it doesn't hurt much :)


3babies - May 21

Hi Evonna, dont worry too much. As someone else said it is only a problem if you have been pregnant before (even if you m/c or had an abortion) otherwise the risk is to the next baby... but also in Australia they have only started giving the shot at 28 and 34 weeks. Previously they only gave it to you after you gave birth and they had established the baby's blood type. I am also A -ve and this is my third pregnancy, but the first time I have had the shot while pregnant. Both my boys are positive and I had it after I gave birth to both of them. Also I had to remind my doctor to give it to me as well. He had mentioned it at the previous appt but forgot. He thanked me and said he forgot because it is relatively new practice in Australia ... not sure about America though? Good luck, you will be fine!


Evonna - May 21

I really feel much better reading you alls response and i truly hope my baby will be fine until my next apt. at 31 weeks. I am just scared because i already had previous miscarriage and thinking of losing another baby would just kill me. My baby is moving like crazy right now, let's hope she'll move next month as well. I guess it isn't too late to get a shot., right?


lyn - May 21

I got my rhogam shot at 32 weeks and my baby is just great (at 8 months) They just want you to get it between 28 and 34 weeks. And after you give birth they will give you another one.


mom2b72 - May 22

Since you had a m/c, I would call your doc in the am and ask if you should come in to get the shot. I am also neg, but have never had abortion, m/c, or pg, so was actually wondering if it would be ok to wait until baby was born to get the shot if I needed it...


ashley - May 22

Evonna-I am RH negative... I got my shot at 28 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy I wouldn't panic just yet, but I would call your doc. Do you know your husbands/baby's father's blood type? If he is RH - as well then you are fine.... again if this is your first pregnancy you are fine. If this isn't your first than you could have complications.



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